Electric guitar, electric bass: Features, price, history of Paul Reed Smith


Today, Paul Reed Smith is a world-famous brand known for its elegant guitars that are easy to play and have great sound, so we would like to introduce their lineup. It is used by guitarists all over the world and is supported by Carlos Santana and others. It is the only current major guitar manufacturer whose founder has led the company for over 30 years. Founder Paul Smith grew the company from his one-man craft. He now reigns as a huge manufacturer comparable to the largest manufacturers, Fender and Gibson.


This instrument was created by Paul Reed Smith in Maryland, USA. There is a wide range of musical instruments on the market, and there are many artists who like their designs. Amplifiers, effectors, etc. are also sold as a set, which is a good deal. Our products have a unique tone that sets us apart. Of course, acoustic guitars are also available, and the quality is high and even bands use them for practice. They have each achieved their own uniqueness and are now on par with Gibson and other manufacturers. It is lightweight and can produce powerful expressions. Recommended if you want to start building your own high-quality new electric guitar.

About the price

The average price for purchasing one is from around 20,000 yen for a cheap one, to over 1,000,000 yen. Prices vary depending on the materials used for parts such as the bridge, body, and strings. With information from limited online shops such as Shimamura Musical Instruments, there are ample other lineups that are well-picked and introduced at the top. It has an attractive design with careful attention to detail. It is also used by famous guitarists such as Santana and McCarty. Customization is also possible, and changes can be made depending on the wood and appearance.

Development company

PRS Guitars


Paul Reed Smith February 18, 1965-

Paul Reed Smith was born in Maryland, USA in 1965. He graduated from Bowie High School in 1974 and attended St. Mary’s College, Maryland, where he began making guitars. Paul Reed Smith contacted Gibson’s former president, Ted McCarty, the creator of the Explorer, ES-335, and Flying V Guitars, and McCarty became his mentor. And in 1985, he founded PRS. The current PRS guitars, including solid guitars and hollow body guitars, were born. Made using a variety of exotic materials.

History of Paul Reed Smith

At the beginning, it was handmade by a college student alone in the attic at that time. Paul Reed Smith started making guitars in earnest while he was in college, submitted the guitars he made to a music professor, and decided to pursue his dream of starting a guitar maker. Paul Reed Smith took the guitar he made to the live venue, negotiated with Roadie, took the guitar to the dressing room, and had the artist look at it. In 1984, Paul Reed Smith created and operated Custom 24 and Standard 24 to raise funds for the founding. He founded PRS in 1985 with more than $ 20,000 in funding and plenty of other funding. The Custom 24 and Standard 24 still retain their original appearance and are produced as the mainstay of PRS.

Features of Paul Reed Smith

The PRS has the features that you can use both the sound of a humbucker and the sound of a single coil, the sound with the volume turned down is good, the high position is easy to play, and the main body is light. PRS guitars are multifunctional and convenient to use in any genre, and are a brand that is loved by professional musicians. PRS guitars are available in four grades. We manufacture a variety of guitars for professionals and amateurs.

Paul Reed Smith model

Custom 24

It is a representative model of PRS, and you can feel the excellence of PRS in all aspects such as playability, sound variation, and sound itself.

S2 series

It is a model with a reduced price and is for beginners.


You can embody the traditional rock royal road style with the rock royal road style


A model with 22 fret specifications to get a fat front sound.

5-string Bass

A model that has everything you need for recording and live performances.


Electric bass with through neck structure PRS SE Kingfisher.


An electric bass with a through neck structure.


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