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Disco music is a genre of dance music that became popular around the world in the 1970s in the late 1900s. The origin of the word disco was the word discotheque, which referred to an entertainment venue where customers could dance and DJs played records instead of live bands. This genre became the origin of the later flourishing genres such as house, techno, and electronica.

What is disco music

Disco music is classified as one of dance music. A place where people dance to the music played by a DJ in a club is called a discotheque, and this word is the origin of the word disco. Dance music with funky basslines and percussion on a four-on-the-floor beat prospered as music that liberates oneself from everyday life. This music flourished especially after the 1960s, and it is a well-known story that a disco boom occurred all over the world.

Disco Music


Originally, the music that was played at discos was soul music. However, dance music began to flow around the 1960s. In America, there was a background of the Philadelphia soul boom, and the songs that played changed. In the 1970s, many disco songs appeared on the hit charts, so disco songs began to flow, and a culture was born in which people danced to them. It was. The 1970s became known as the disco boom, which spread all over the world. Artists such as the Bee Gees, Village People, Donna Summer, Arabesque and Genghis Khan contributed to the disco craze.


Disco became a boom all over the world for a while starting in the 1970s, and a large number of pop and rock artists began to incorporate the taste of disco. This proves that disco itself was a huge boom, and given that there were many disco songs on the hit charts, it was a natural progression. Basically, star musicians are emerging one after another, and many hit songs have been created and arranged. Depending on the generation, it is more popular than rock’n’roll.


However, disco was also a thriving music for a long time, but its popularity began to decline around the 1990s. This is due to the rise of electronic music such as techno and house, but with the emergence of genres such as EDM in the 2000s, disco has already been recognized as a legacy genre. In the 2000s, it’s almost impossible to hit the charts at disco. The trends in dance music changed with the genres that evolved from disco.

famous artist

Introducing the hit sounds. They also incorporated other influences such as funk and soul, and their style permeated the black culture of the time. Singles and albums were released one after another in the 70s and early 80s era, and Rhythm was well received by fans in nightclubs and studios. Although centered around New York, the charts eventually spread throughout the United States and the world. It became a huge cultural symbol of the time as it became a huge hit song. After that, remixes were born, and from the 1980s onwards, the number of pop songs using synthesizers increased.

Kylie Minogue

Australian born singer. She was originally an actress, but she also debuted as a singer. With total sales of over 80 million copies of her music, she is one of the world’s leading singers of the late 1900s.

Chaka Khan

Singer from Illinois, USA. Although he is classified as an R&B singer, he has many disco sounds and is considered one of the artists who contributed to the disco boom. He became popular for his jazz-influenced soulful singing.

Village People

They are a group of six American men. Y.M.C.A is a very famous work. Disbanded once in 1985, but reunited in 1987, and although the members have changed many times, it is a disco music group that has been very active in the American music industry.


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