[Music genre] Has classical music declined? Reasons and reality Where are the audiences for classical music?


Classical music is a deep genre with a long history, and more and more beginners are turning into nerds. However, in modern times it has lost ground to popular music and is often considered a minor genre. It was once a flourishing genre of music, but why did it decline? And how will it survive from now on?

Beginning of classical music

Classical music is a very old music genre, and it has a very long history, if not as much as folk music. Classical music began in the Middle Ages, and it is said that the history of classical music began with Gregorian chant. Gregorian chant is the liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church. Since Christianity was the most famous religion in Europe, the song spread all at once. The musical scale was born in the 17th century and developed rapidly in the following Baroque era. The history of classical music began in earnest with this Baroque period. Musicians such as Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi that everyone knows were born.

decline of classical music

Classical music was a very famous genre until the 19th century, but with the rise of new genres in the 20th century, classical music will be relegated to the corner. In the 1920s, jazz rose to prominence in America. A new music genre that fused Western music and black blues, it became popular in Europe, and since then, classical music has strengthened its color from popular music to music for education and art. From this point on, classical music became a part of school education and entertainment for some privileged classes, and it no longer played a central role. In the late 1900s, pop music became mainstream, and in the 2000s, R&B and rap became popular. EDM is very strong in Europe.

movies and games

However, in terms of composition, classical music is flourishing. Classical music is the mainstay and the royal road in film music, game music, TV dramas, etc. This video music is very compatible with classical music, and is said to be a genre that greatly enhances the work. Even into the 2000s, many classical music composers are active in visual music, and classical music is still the mainstay in this field. Recently, there are some serious songs. There are also voices from performers and audience members who complain that the same conductor remains active, preventing generational change, and that the content remains the same. As a result, the people who are consuming it have changed their minds and are moving away from it. I hear that there are few people who are aiming for it.

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Classic elements fade

However, movie music and game music entered the 2000s, and sounds other than classical music are increasing. It has transformed into music that is quite fused, making full use of sound effects and making the bass sound more like dance music. This can be said to be a sign that people are getting tired of traditional film music. For this reason, attempts to add new genres to traditional classical music elements are increasing. Game music is a prime example of this. Television music and film music still have very strong elements of classical music from the past. Even at concerts, there is a high possibility that the audience wants classical music.

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Epic Music

In America and Europe there is a genre called Epic Music. This genre is specialized for movie and TV trailer music. Perhaps future classical music is predicted to move in the direction of this genre. It means that the fusion elements of classical music and multiple genres will increase. Two Steps From Hell is the most famous company in this world, but there are many other companies producing very high quality music every day. The music in this area has become very rich in dance music and sound effects, gradually transforming from pure classical music.

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