[Athletes and music] Music that top soccer players listen to before the game


Music gives us great power by listening. This is evidenced by athletes. Many athletes are very often listening to music before an important match. This creates an environment where you can fully demonstrate your abilities by using music to inspire your feelings. To get the best performance, you need to be in good physical and mental condition, and music helps. This time I focused on soccer players.


The effects that soccer players can get by listening to music before the match are as follows. Music can inspire oneself mentally. Soccer players usually train, but sometimes they use music. In other words, music has the effect of strengthening, calming and inspiring the mind.

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When it comes to soccer players, even top players are under pressure. A soccer player can be dried up and become a hero with just one mistake. Soccer is a sport in which it is difficult to open a point difference, so even one mistake can ruin the game. Many players listen to music to counteract their anxiety.


Soccer players are always full of tension and anxiety before the match. Therefore, the number of directors who inspire players by showing and listening to music and movies before the game is increasing. This is a technique introduced in team management.

Use properly

This is one of the methods used by soccer teams to practice, but when you want a player to change their minds, you may play a specific song. And when you want to inspire a player, you may play another specific song. Some teams control their psychological state by playing a specific song when they want to bring it to a certain state like this.

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Stress release

Athletes can be overwhelmed with stress, but in such cases, letting them sing can help relieve stress and anxiety. Singing is one of the good behaviors to relieve human stress.

Songs listened to by top players

Even top soccer players often listen to music before a match. Although he may be an elite athlete, he is still a human being. He listens to music to relieve his anxiety and motivate himself. Many people create playlists of songs by artists. Even during the World Cup, these are the latest articles in the news and song selection becomes a hot topic. You can also download the app and watch the game while listening.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the history of world football, has a surprisingly old-fashioned hobby. He often listens to songs by singers from the 1900s.

  • Elton john
  • Phil Collins
  • George Michael

Lionel Messi

Another superstar of two big stars in the soccer world along with Ronaldo. Messi loves cumbia, a South American music. I always listen to this cumbia song before the game.

  • Sergio Torres


Neymar is known as a player who loves singing and dancing. He likes the music of his native Brazil. He is a big fan of Michel Teló.

  • Michel Teló

Andres Iniesta

Iniesta likes the music of his native Spain, and his favorite is “Estopa”. He is also known to be on good terms with the Munoz brothers.

  • Estopa

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos from Sevilla is a flamenco fan and often listens to the songs of the famous flamenco singer José Mercé.

  • Jose Merce

Antoine Griezmann

Griezmann was an official DJ during the Atletico era. Griezmann’s favorite is “The Party Band”. He says he listens a lot before the game.

  • The Party Band


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