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When asked what world music is, many people associate it with folk music. However, it is a genre that cannot be said to be so. Folk music is a different genre, so it is a different genre from world music. What is the definition of world music? I have an article about it.

What is world music?

Many people imagine folk music when they hear the word world music, but that’s not the case. It refers to something like depopular music in various parts of the world, especially in cities. It refers to music that incorporates regional and ethnic musical tastes but also fuses with other musical genres. World music is more than just a taste for old traditions. Rather, the real pleasure is to feel the pulsation and expansion of culture by coming into contact with the old and new things of various regions. Therefore, it is also a genre that is being fused with various genres.

World Music

Definition of world music

But then, what does that actually mean for the definition of world music? In general, ethnomusicologist Bruno Nettle refers to new musical groups created in non-European regions by incorporating elements of European music as world music. On the other hand, some people call it world music as a genre that refers to all music in the whole world. Also, some people call new music groups made in non-European regions incorporating elements of European music world music. There’s a lot of ambiguity, and that’s what makes the genre so interesting.


Paul Simon was one of the first musicians to engage with world music. He introduced reggae rhythms in 1972 with “Mother and Child Bonds” and had a hit album, “Graceland” in the 1980s. As a result, the world music industry has come to recognize the genre of world music. As a result, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have become interested in Indian music and have released songs with that taste. Since the 2000s, various record labels and record shops have prepared a genre called world music, and it is widely recognized by the general public.

World music example

There is a lot of world music available all over the world, but here is a list of information on some of them. A boom also occurred in Western Europe and other countries, and musicians attracted attention mainly in the 1980s. The beat and musicality are known for styles such as South Asia.


A type of music genre. It is an African music originating in Nigeria that descends from funk and jazz, and is characterized by a brass band formation using African percussion. Also known as Afro-funk.


Rhythm and dance of Cuban origin, based on Danzon and Son Montuno. It is one of the rhythms of Latin music, and it is a two-beat system. A modification of the Cuban dance music danzón, popular in the 1950s. The taste of contemporary popular music is also mixed.

Irish music

Song and dance music transmitted by oral tradition in Ireland. In other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries, Irish immigrants have made it popular and fused with local music. In recent years, it has become more popular and is performed all over the world.


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