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Grime is a new genre in dance music that originated in England. This genre is a fusion of hip hop, house music and club music, and is very popular in the UK. In the 2000s, this genre has spread widely in Europe and has become one of the major genres, especially among young people. It has gained global popularity, with multiple artists lining up at the top of the global charts.

What is Grime?

Grime is a music genre born in London in the early 2000s that fuses electronic music and hip-hop. This style features fast, syncopated breakbeats of 140 beats and features electronic sounds. Grime is interpreted as a branch of house music due to its birth and development history. However, one of Grime’s hallmarks is its fusion with many genres. Grime is not limited to UK garage, but is considered a fusion of electro, rap, hip-hop and house music. Hip-hop is trending all over the world, and along with it, this genre has become very famous at the same time, and is selling well in the global music market. In the mid-2000s he shot to fame through artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Lethal Bizzle and Wiley. In the mid-2010s, it spread to North America and is gaining popularity in Canada and other countries.

Grime music

Grime history

Grime is music that originated in England in the early 2000s. UK garage started to gain popularity in the 1990s, and Grime is heavily influenced by this UK garage sound. In the 2000s, hip-hop became popular in the United States, and this genre also began to attract attention. Since the early 2000s, many songs in the Grime genre have been released in the UK. In 2004, the Lethal Bizzle’s song Pow! reached the top 20 in the UK Singles Chart. The song was controversial and criticized for its reminiscence of a club fight, which seemed to encourage crime. Many venues banned the performance of this song, and it became a social problem. Many clubs have come under investigation by the Metropolitan Police, making it a musical genre that attracts police attention. In this way, the genre gradually loses momentum.


In the 2010s Grime begins to decline. Since the police also took notice, Grime’s exposure and promotion were restricted, and it gradually declined. A further decisive decline was the rise of dubstep and UK funky. Many musicians began to move away from Grime and into commercial electro house-influenced rap.

Penetration into the global music industry

On the other hand, a genre that has penetrated globally is also Grime. Grime’s most prevalent country is the birthplace of England, but Grime has also spread to the United States, Canada, France, and other countries. Since 2010, the distance between Grime and Hiphop has narrowed, and there are cases where artists from both genres collaborate on the same song. It’s a common pattern of a British Grime artist and an American rapper performing together. Grime has the impression that it has lost momentum for a while, but it is a genre that is likely to continue.

Notable Artists of Grime

spank rock

Hip-hop group from Philadelphia. The style is strongly influenced by the underground hip-hop scene, and the electro tracks are all over the place.

Dizzee Rascal

Hip-hop MC and producer from London. An artist who has steadily increased his popularity by releasing his hits and has established himself as one of the UK’s leading hip-hop artists.


British rapper, singer and songwriter. In the 2010s he rose to prominence in the British underground music scene with his classic Grime Music.


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