Bandoneon: Features, price, and history of the bellows instrument Performance with the accordion


Although the sound of the bandoneon is used in tango performances and is a widely known instrument in South America, it actually did not originate in South America. This instrument is a bellows instrument that originated in Germany and spread from Europe to South America. Originally, the bandoneon is an instrument derived from the accordion. Although the bandoneon and accordion are very similar, they are not exactly the same instrument. With the arrival of immigrants, bandoneon became popular in Argentina.


This instrument was created in Germany. On instruments like arrays, players play scales from the left and right hands. Instruments that make sounds using free reed air sent through a bellows are called bellows instruments, and are broadly classified into accordions, bandoneons, and concertinas. Nowadays, manufacturers are also developing instruments that can produce high-pitched sounds. It’s a free instrument that you can play as you like.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen.

Band Neon’s History

Bandoneon is an instrument derived from the accordion. The accordion was invented by Austria’s Silyl Demian in 1829, and then Germany Karl Friedrich Uurich has developed a band nononon on the accordion. However, in the beginning of the invention, it was not called Bandoneon and was called the accordion. After that, the name of the band and the “Bandonion” was created by combining the band name and the accordion “Aeon”. Bandoneon was played with German folk music, but it seems that he did not fix much in Germany. Argentina was accepting immigrants in modern times. Therefore, German moved to Argentina and it is said that Bandoneon is propagated simultaneously. Bandoneon’s volume and tone were perfect for tango songs, and it has spread widely in South America in the 1900s. Bandoneon is not only Tango Fan, but also likely to be recognized between classic fans around the world.

Bandoneon’s Features

Band Non is compared to the accordion because it is an accordion derived instrument. In the keyboard, the accordion has a keyboard like a piano and a button type. Band nons always have a button type keyboard. The standard band nons used in Tango’s performance has a total of 71 button type keyboards of 33 left and 38 right. Bandoneon plays a hand on the belt that is on the front of the button type keyboard. Bandoneon is often placed on the knees with a weight of 7 kilometers and sitting on the knee. The tone of the band non is a very sharp sound than the accordion.

Bandoneon song

Bandoneon is very widely used in South America.


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