[Music genres and the global music market] Why did Rhythm and Blues (R&B) decline? History and background


The rhythm and blues genre has been a very long-lived music genre that has remained on the hit charts for more than half a century. Even in the 2000s, it remained at the top of the hit charts for a while. R&B has become commonplace as one of popular music, but surprisingly many people are unaware of its history. This genre is influenced by many other genres.

What is Rhythm and Blues?

Rhythm and blues, also called R&B, is music that evolved from black music such as blues and gospel. It is a very famous genre among African Americans in the United States, and can be said to be the core music genre in the music scene of the 1900s. In the 1940s, elements of blues, jazz and gospel were combined to create a vibrant urban rhythm that later became R&B. Today, R&B refers to all music characterized by singing blues-like melodies while riding on rhythms and strong beats.

R&B Music


R&B music originated in New Orleans in the 1940s. In the 1940s, Billboard magazine came to refer to the genre that artists were playing as “Rhythm & Blues” (R&B) as a music marketing term. In the 1950s, R&B music developed around young African Americans in honky tonks and after-hours clubs, and later hip-hop music. In the 1960s, this genre spread from the United States to Europe, and because it was popular with white people, it came to be called white R&B and became popular. In the 1970s, R&B became both soul and funk music genres. There will also be R&B instrumental musicians without singing. In the 1980s, it developed in a more sophisticated direction and came to be called contemporary R&B. Since the 1990s, it has become popular in Japan, and R&B is all the rage.


By the early 2000s, R&B dominated the world’s charts. However, since 2005, it has been gradually declining. The reason is that the rap and hip-hop genres are starting to gain momentum and R&B is starting to get pushed. In the 2010s, most of the world’s hit charts were dominated by rap, hip-hop, and EDM, which was popular in Europe, and R&B was no longer the center of the world. There is R&B that is a hit now, but since the prototype is techno or house, we are in an era where soul groups with singing ability are not needed.

famous artist

The sound of the song has an atmosphere unique to black people. It has become a big culture and there are many bands, so we will introduce a list of famous artists. In the United States, we will introduce important new music from the 1990s that best reflects the style of the time. If there are any musicians you are interested in, let’s find them. It has a strong relationship with pop music, and has many fans as it is a genre that continues to change in society.

Mary Jane Blige

A very famous American singer from the 1990s to the early 2000s. She is considered one of the leading artists of the American R&B genre of the era, churning out her chart hits.

R. Kelly

American R&B singer. He has sold over 75 million records worldwide and is the most commercially successful R&B artist of the 1990s. He has won three Grammy Awards and was active until around 2019.


American singer. She was a renowned singer in genres such as R&B, pop, and hip-hop. Her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number sold 3 million copies in the United States and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


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