[Animals and Music] What is the BGM on YouTube that attracts rabbits? Healing music that brings joy to rivers and forests


Cute rabbits are nature’s healing animals, and listening to the BGM and music of rivers and forests on YouTube makes them feel at ease. Although rabbits are not as popular as dogs and cats, they are still very popular animals kept in many households. Their cute appearance is soothing to people, and they are so cute that they become attached to them. However, such rabbits actually have a taste for music. What genre of music do rabbits like?

music that rabbits like

Rabbits have their favorite music. There is a certain trend that can be seen. If you want to raise rabbits from now on, or if you already have rabbits, buy a smartphone or TV and play the following songs to your rabbit. YouTube is developed and copyrighted by Google LLC, and has solid security, structure, and functionality. It’s annoying to see advertisements posted, but be sure to check the terms of use.

slow tempo

It is said that the rabbit’s favorite music is slow music. It is also said to be analog music. Especially when listening to relaxing music, it seems that they often take a nap with peace of mind. There are individual differences in favorite music depending on the rabbit, so it can be used as a reference.

analog music

Electronic music dominates the world’s music market today, but animals are not always the same. Rabbits prefer quiet, analog instruments. It is said that the tones of the piano and violin are very suitable. Whenever I played the piano, the rabbit was always taking a nap. Perhaps you feel comfortable with the tone.

nature sounds

Even if rabbits were bred, there is a background that they still lived in nature. Because of that history, environmental music like ambient fits very well. Hearing the sounds of insects, the rushing river, or even the whistling of the wind can soothe rabbits. Music can reproduce the same environment as nature.

healing music for pets

What some of you may not know is that in modern society there are musicians who create music specifically for pets. Healing music for pets can make each animal feel at ease and relieve anxiety by making them listen to comfortable tones. Rabbits are very sensitive animals, as evidenced by their large ears.

classical music

It is said that rabbits may not like stringed instruments very much. In particular, there are many people who let human infants listen to stringed instruments. By the way, classical music is a genre that can be recommended for humans because it activates the human brain and prevents blurring.

music box

The tone of the music box is very pleasant. Music boxes relax both humans and rabbits. I highly recommend it as it will make you feel better. In the case of music boxes, it is more of a musical instrument than a genre, but many of them have a slow tempo, which will give rabbits a sense of security.


This applies not only to rabbits but also to humans, but popular songs with human voices are said not to have a relaxing effect. It is BGM that makes you feel at ease and calms you down. BGM such as movie music, commercial music, and even game music will have a positive effect on animals.

Recommended for humans

By the way, the songs and genres listed above are not only for rabbits, but also for humans to calm down and give a sense of security. When you are full of anxiety or frightened by fear, listening to the above music will calm your mind. Music is also very helpful in preventing depression and other illnesses.


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