[Music genres and the global music market] Psychedelic trance is a derivative of the gore genre


Psychedelic trance is a music genre that originated around the 1990s. This time I will introduce you to bpm, plays, famous songs that you know, and more. This genre became very popular in countries such as Japan, England, and Brazil. Although often considered a subgenre of trance music, trance music is very diverse, with many differences in mood, tempo, and style.

What is psychedelic trance

Psychedelic trance is trance music with an intense tempo around 130-150 BPM. Some psychedelic trance songs can reach 190-300bpm. It features a very distinctive bass beat that thunders continuously throughout the song, and drums and other instruments are used to add elements of funk, techno and dance. There are various leads and rhythm patterns, making it a wide variety of music. This genre is considered to be a derivative of the Gore genre, and it began to appear in earnest around the 1990s. It became popular in Japan, England, and Brazil.

Psychedelic trance music


This genre is seen as a derivative of the Gore genre. In the 1970s, Indian Goan DJs started electronic dance music, and from the 1980s, Indian DJs began to expand into Europe, and the Goa genre was recognized. In the 1990s Goa trance began to gain worldwide attention. The genre reached its peak in the late 1990s. Psychedelic trance was born out of this genre. Psychedelic trance also inherited Goa trance, but was established as a more mature and commercial music. In the 2010s, the BPM of psychedelic trance has become somewhat calmer, and the BPM around 130-140 is increasing. The genre is also flourishing in Asia, Europe, and South America, which has led to collaborations between artists from different countries.

famous artist

Dark psychedelics are more common these days than others. Currently, psychedelic music has an ambient sound, and it has been widely used and performed outdoors as dance music since then. These images are strong, and many albums have been released that make use of their unique melodies. Introducing our representative artists. At first, it didn’t even become a hot topic, but it has become very popular and there is a movement going on, so it is recommended even for first-timers. Influenced by house and rave parties.

Infected Mushroom

A trance music unit from Israel. However, they are not only traditional trance, but also trance music with rock elements added, and they have fans all over the world as a presence that is always at the top. Their style is also called progressive psychedelic trance.

Simon Posford

British trance artist. This artist works in both goa trance and psychedelic trance and has become very famous in Europe. He has his own label, Twisted Records.


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