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There are probably many people around you who love music, but their psychology and personality are also being studied. There are probably many people who listen to music every day. But have you ever wondered why such people like music? And it turns out that people who love music have certain things in common. Even if people who meet the following conditions don’t like music now, they may come to like music in the future.

The influence of music

We will tell you about the psychology of people who love music and why they become addicted to it, and we will also tell you in detail about the influence music has on people. Depending on the music that both men and women like, it seems that the following preferences and personalities tend to emerge. We will summarize the information and present it in a list. Research shows that there are common trends among types depending on experience and knowledge. It depends on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of creative genres such as classical and country.

Get motivated

It is known that music has healing power. For example, it is the power of music that you can listen to songs that you can do your best when you want to do your best, listen to songs to get motivated from the morning, and improve your concentration. There are a certain number of people who get energized by listening to music.

Emotional expression

Psychology that is easy to apply to those who are aiming to be artists and those who are doing music activities as a hobby. Music can express one’s sensibility and emotions, so one can also express oneself.

Stress relief

It goes without saying that listening to music and singing can also relieve stress, and singing to the fullest at karaoke is refreshing and even makes me want to do my best from tomorrow.


Some people project themselves to them by listening to the songs of their favorite artists and composers. There are a certain number of people who are absorbed in music while imagining it.

Characteristics of people who like music

It has been found that people who listen to music frequently have the following characteristics: In general, each person has a common background and approach. Please use this as a reference if you enjoy music through media or tools.

listen to music

One of the features is listening to a lot of music. Of course, many people listen to music while commuting to work or school, but they also play music whenever they go home, such as when they are cooking, taking a bath, or studying in their own room. ..

have a favorite song

People who have a favorite song tend to listen to the same song over and over again. As a result, many people have started to work on other songs, and as a result, they keep listening to music.

Spend money on music

Music lovers often spend money on downloading a lot. Not only that, I often go to concerts.

Musical instrument performance

There are a certain number of people who like music and have a desire to do it themselves. Many of these people actually start playing musical instruments. This is especially true for player-oriented people.

Virtuous circle by music

I know that music brings pleasure and happiness. Many people find this to improve their lives. If you are interested in music, you may want to try it out. When you start listening to music, you also have the following benefits.


When you start listening to music, your nerves are stimulated and your dopamine production increases, and as a result, the increased dopamine brings pleasure and well-being.

Improved performance

This is a story of athletes, but many people can perform very well in actual games because they can improve their concentration by listening to their favorite songs before the game and have a relaxing effect. It also relieves anxiety.

Recovery of physical strength

It has been found that listening to music after exercising speeds up recovery from fatigue.


According to the results released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information “NCBI” in the United States, classical music has been found to improve sleep quality in particular, and it is recommended for people with insomnia.

Lower blood pressure

Music can also be used in therapy treatments to lower blood pressure. The feelings that occur while listening to music are also affected by blood vessels, which has the effect of increasing blood flow.


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