Native American flute: characteristics, price, and history of the ethnic instrument


Native American flute is a woodwind instrument used by Native Americans. .. Sometimes called an Indian flute. It is sometimes called a love flute because of the custom of the Plains tribe that men used this flute instead of words to confess their love. There is a vertical flute called quena in South America, but Native American flutes are different from quena. The Indian flute produces a tone similar to that of a recorder.


This instrument was born in the United States.

About the price

The American native flute played by indigenous people can cost anywhere from around 10,000 yen to more than 100,000 yen. They range from large to small. In terms of products, we sell products with solid structure and quality. The sound also depends on the material. You can also see how to make a flute in videos on Youtube.

History of Native American Flute

Native American flutes have two origins. There is a Comanche flute origin theory and a Lakota flute origin theory. Either way, it’s still a Native American flute. There are no records of Native American flutes prior to the time Columbus traveled to the world. This is because most Native Americans did not deal with letters, so there is no document to prove the existence of the flute. However, Native American flutes have been around with the history of Native Americans, so it is speculated that they may have existed for quite some time.

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The first confirmed example of Native American flute is in the 19th century. Information gathered in the 1820s allegedly used it by the people of Papago and Humain. Knowledge of Native American flutes is said to have since been passed on from the Great Plains region to Taos Pueblo in the south. The flute then spread to other plains and then to the northern and eastern tribes.

Features of Native American Flute

The mechanism for producing the sound of Native American flute is almost the same as that of a recorder. It produces a soft and gentle tone and a unique and comfortable playing feel. There are no difficult rules on how to play, and you can play freely. In modern times, Native American flute manufacturing technology has continued to improve and evolve. It can now be used with keys that span two octaves. Basically, it is made of cedar and often has 5 to 7 holes. The most distinctive feature of Native American flutes is the bird-shaped adjustment block called the “bird” between the mouthpiece and the finger hole, which sets it apart from other flutes.


Native American flute song

In the United States and elsewhere, there are labels specializing in Native American flutes, and artists belong to them. However, since it is a folk instrument, it is rarely seen in popular songs. This instrument appears in movies, television, and folk music, which are mostly BGM.


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