[Music Live] Is it possible to enter and leave early? average live time


Even though it’s a great music concert, it’s not uncommon for people to arrive at the venue late due to traffic jams or train delays. And there must be times when you get sick during a live and want to go home. Is it possible to enter or leave early in such a case? And I’m writing an article about what kind of measures I should take.

Early entry and exit are possible

First of all, it is possible to enter and exit in the middle of most live venues. However, it may not be true that it is always OK. In many cases, it is NG to enter or leave in the middle of the performance, as it will annoy other audiences during the performance. Basically, I often move between songs. In most cases, there is a staff at the venue nearby, so if you ask, the staff will guide you. For production reasons, there are live performances where the timing of movement is limited to the break time.

In case of sudden illness

If you suddenly feel unwell during the live, you can leave the venue. In case of emergency, it is better to call out to the staff nearby. In this case, it is possible to leave even during the performance as an exception. There is also a medical room at the live venue, so you may receive treatment. Please don’t hold back. If you fall down at the venue, in the worst case, the live itself may be affected.


There are so many people who want to use the restroom during the live time. Of course, I can go to the bathroom without any problems, but basically I often move between songs. Also, women’s restrooms are often crowded. I personally see more queues for women’s toilets than for men. Therefore, it is good to keep track of the interval time.

How to avoid being late

I want to enjoy live music, but train delays and traffic jams are very frustrating. Most live venues are located in urban areas, and traffic is always an issue. We have summarized what you should pay attention to.

Try to arrive 30 minutes before

Try to arrive at the live venue as early as possible. If you go on the assumption that you will arrive at the live venue at the last minute, you will usually be late. On the day of the concert, the public transport system is often overwhelmed, and the more famous artists perform, the more difficult the transport system becomes.

Electric train

If you plan to use the train, it is a good idea to check the operating status in advance. If the congestion situation is severe, it is wise to consider moving on another route. If congestion is expected, be sure to act in advance, such as leaving an hour in advance.

taxi, bus

Depending on the region, there may be cases where traffic congestion is likely to occur constantly. It is important to know the traffic conditions in the area in advance.

average live time

In general, live performances often have a clear start time, but the end time is often ambiguous. This is because it may take longer than expected. The average live time is often 2 to 3 hours. It is said that the limit time for human vocal cords to ring is about 2 hours, and singing time is often set at 2 hours at the most. With MC etc., about 3 hours will be the limit.


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