Music and Cats: Impact on Cats and Relaxing Effects


Cats are one of the most popular animals in the world. Music is a culture created by humans, and only humans can understand music. Animals don’t know what music is. However, it is said that cats have a relaxing effect when listening to music. It is said that music is necessary to relieve the stress of cats. Depending on the cat’s personality and type, music may relieve the cat’s stress.

Healing music for cats

Recently, music for cats has appeared that has been proven to have a relaxing effect through scientific experiments. According to Professor Takagi of Kyoto University, he repeated an experiment in which he exposed more than 30 cats to various sounds and observed their reactions. As a result, cats respond to music and find it has a relaxing effect. By the way, in addition to research at this university, there are various studies being conducted around the world, and it has been found that music has a soothing effect not only on cats but also on dogs. Developers and creators continue to research and create apps for cats. Check out new apps and mechanisms being announced.

Cat Music

Cat audible range

Cats have well-developed ear muscles and are good at picking up sounds by moving their pinna freely. It is known that the frequency of sound that humans can pick up is 20 to 20,000 hertz, while that of cats is said to be 25 to 75,000 hertz. Therefore, it is more sensitive to sound than humans.

Cat cafe

Currently, there are many shops called cat cafes all over the world. It is loved by many people because putting a cat in a cafe has a healing effect. You know that music is playing in such cat cafes. The store BGM played at cat cafes often contains natural sounds such as the chirping of birds. It is said that this is because cats like the sounds of nature.

The sound that cats like

The music that contains the sounds that cats like is the female voice. Good-eared cats hate loud human voices and male yells. Women’s voices are quieter and softer and higher than men’s, so it seems to be an easy-to-hear sound for cats. It is said that the kitten’s bark is about 2,000 to 6,000 hertz, so it can be said that the female voice that fits in that range is a calming sound. Also, cats love throat whistle. A cat that likes to make a rumbling sound may be making it because it likes that sound. And it is said that classical music is also well received. It seems that the gentle tune is the reason why cats like it. And I also like the sounds of nature. The sounds of birds singing and the sounds of rivers also have a healing effect. The following is a collection of songs that are well received by actual cats. All have the same characteristics.

Lolo’s Air

The sound created by changing the high frequency to slide seems to have the effect of attracting cats. The sound reminiscent of a soothing throat for cats is heard, so it is very popular with cats.

Scooter Bere’s Aria

This music also has a throat-like sound all the time. This is said to have the effect of attracting cats. In addition, the sound of the piano has an effect similar to that of a female voice, and it can be said that this song is more popular with some cats.

Simon Says

The same is true for this song, which always has a throat-sounding sound. This is the same as the above song and has the effect of attracting cats. The occasional high-pitched sound is reminiscent of a female voice, which is also an element that raises the liking.

Katey Moss Catwalk

The sound of the cello creates a calm atmosphere. It has a sound like footsteps, and it is a song that is conscious of cats. It’s a song that makes you feel relaxed overall.


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