[Music and anti-aging] Is it possible to anti-aging with music?


Can music stop aging? Such an era may have come. Currently, the development of anti-aging drugs is progressing around the world, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is said that a world without aging will be realized in 10 to 20 years. But this is only a cure with medicine. This time it’s a story that music may be able to stop aging.

What is anti-aging

Anti-aging refers to anti-aging. Taking care of your skin through skin care and medical treatment, as well as improving the quality of your daily life, such as food, sleep, and exercise, can also be anti-aging. The goal is to slow aging, extend lifespan, and maintain good health. Nowadays, there are already supplements available that can be used for the body and mind. Health apps are also appearing for free, and interest in longevity is increasing. You should try out new apps and take advantage of them at home. Music is also rumored to have anti-aging effects, and listening to it is expected to rejuvenate your youth.

Rejuvenate music performance

It is said that learning music activates the brain and has a positive effect on other aspects of learning. A study by the Auditory Neuroscience Institute at Northwestern University found that people who played music had better hearing than those who didn’t. Playing music is a great way to train your sense of hearing, as it trains rhythm, harmony and melody. Even beginners with no music experience can train. Also, age doesn’t matter. Even if you are 60 or 70 years old, you can still train your hearing.

Playing music prevents dementia

Musical instruments that require finger movement, such as the piano and violin, are very helpful in preventing dementia. Examinations of the brains of pianists using head MRI, etc., show that the areas that store memories are much wider than those of ordinary people. The brain works to “pay attention to many things” because it plays while distinguishing many sounds, such as the melody with the right hand and the accompaniment with the left hand. .

Music appreciation

Listening to music is also anti-aging. Currently, anti-aging music is sold in various places. What kind of music should I listen to for anti-aging? As for music, I prefer classical music, ambient music, and healing music rather than rock music and dance music with intense sounds. In addition, jazz is also a genre that is perfect for anti-aging. It stimulates the old brain, which is deeply involved in serotonin. A must-have for anti-aging is relaxing music and music that helps you sleep.

Anti Aging Music


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