Modern Society: Music Addiction and Smartphone Addiction


Music addiction and smartphone addiction can be said to be one of the diseases that modern people suffer from. Listening to music on your Android or iPhone smartphone or mobile phone all day long, or just fiddling with your smartphone all day long, can often lead to a pointless day. If you feel irritated or anxious when not listening to music, I think you should be careful. People who waste time listening to music for hours on end may need to reevaluate their lifestyle.

Music addiction

Music addiction is a disease that makes you anxious and angry if you don’t listen to music anyway. This has no physical effect, but is a common symptom in people who are mentally unstable. This symptom is especially true for people who are not confident in themselves or who are always anxious, often escape to music as a means of escapism, resulting in listening to music all day long. If you have such an illness, consider the following solutions.

Make music work

If anyone thinks that music is the only way to live, then make music your job. It is also a good idea to get a job as a music instructor, music studio staff, recording site engineer, artist, musician training school, etc. By doing this, you will be able to find your meaning in music.

Find other hobbies

Some people become addicted to music and some have no taste. In that case, try to find another hobby that you can immerse yourself in. This way, you don’t have to rely solely on music. Try something that might be of interest to you.

Make a lover

Many people who become addicted to music are lonely. Why don’t you make a lover for such a person? In today’s society, the means of finding encounters with the opposite sex, such as date apps and communities, are diversifying. If you’re crazy about the other person, you don’t have to rely solely on music.

Smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction is a disease that not only music lovers are suffering from but also modern people. The reality is that more and more people continue to use their smartphones around town. When this becomes serious, it can lead to decreased eyesight, accidents due to carelessness, and impact on work. An immediate solution is needed. Please try taking the following actions. Here is a list of how to handle smartphone information. When a new product comes out, it becomes a hot topic at work, but once you purchase it, you become hooked on the service and have to think about how to deal with it when using the app.

Do not put it on the bedside

To reduce the amount of time you spend using your phone before bed, try not having your smartphone near your bed. I tend to look at things like anime, products, and song lyrics.

Put it in a bag and carry it around

Don’t put your smartphone in your pocket when you go out. This is because it can be taken out immediately and you will see it. Put your smartphone in a bag to make it difficult to remove.

Set a long password

Try setting all passwords to long ones, such as the passcode used to unlock the device and the login password for each SNS. Unlocking your password can be a hassle and you won’t have to mess with it too much.

Music addiction and smartphone addiction

Did you know that music addiction and smartphone addiction are likely to occur at the same time? In fact, people who are addicted to smartphones tend to be addicted to music. Especially in modern society, the number of people who watch YouTube music videos endlessly or keep searching for music on Spotify or Amazon is increasing rapidly. This tendency is especially noticeable among young people. When these addictions get worse, you can withdraw into your own world and lose your friends, lovers, and family.


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