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Jungle music genre is well known in Europe. This genre is said to have originated in London in the 1990s, and is said to contain a considerable amount of musical elements from Caribbean regions such as Jamaica. This genre of music has spread not only in England, but also in Japan and the United States, and is widely known.

What is Jungle?

Jungle is a type of dance music. A music genre that is said to have originated in London in the 1990s, it is considered music that incorporates elements of dub, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and funk, and makes extensive use of drum samplers. This genre is often classified as techno reggae rather than dance. The ancestors of reggae DJs are said to have been amused by accidentally hitting the number of revolutions of the turntable and turning it into music. It is said to have been produced by blacks in the former British colony, and is said to have a Caribbean sound taste mixed in.

Jungle Music


This genre is considered to be a genre created by black immigrants in the Caribbean Sea, a former British colony. It is said to have originated in London in the 1990s. Around 1992, the phrases ‘jungle techno’ and ‘hardcore jungle’ proliferated, giving this genre of music general recognition. This sound was introduced to the general public by clubs such as A.W.O.L., Roast and Telepathy, and DJs such as DJ Ron, DJ Hype, Mickey Finn, DJ Rap, DJ Deextrous and Kenny Ken. He became quite famous with songs like “Darkage” by DJ Solo, “Valley of the Shadows” by Origin Unknown, “Set Me Free” by Potential Bad Boy and “28 Gun Bad Boy” by A Guy.

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Jungle music is said to have reached its peak around 1995. The emergence of songs from this genre on many UK tops has proven to be widespread. Along with this, major record labels such as Sony Music and BMG also began signing jungle artists to major deals, achieving widespread commercial success. In the late 1990s, songs began to appear darker and more soundscape-heavy.


Jungle has also emerged as a sub-genre of music.

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Ragga jungle

Ragga Jungle is a subgenre that was born around 1994. Featuring General Levy, he has released popular tracks such as M-Beat’s ‘Incredible’, UK Apachi and Shy FX’s ‘Original Nuttah’, Remarc’s ‘Sound Murderer/RIP’ and ‘Limb’. was also recognized.


In 1995 another subgenre was born. It became a popular sub-genre derived from Hardstep, including Dead Dred’s ‘Dred Bass’, DJ Zinc’s ‘Super Sharp Shooter’, Shy FX’s ‘This Style’, Remarc’s ‘R.I.P’ (DJ Hype Remix), DJ Zinc’s It produced popular songs such as Fugees.


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