[Music genre] What is game music? history and features


Game music refers to the background music used in the game. These music have a history of dramatically changing the quality of music due to the advancement of hardware. Nowadays, game music has almost reached the same level of quality as incense recording, but in the past, game music was almost computer sound.

What is game music?

Game music refers to the background music used in games. It mainly refers to the music used in each scene in the game. Since there are various scenes in games, the genres of game music are wide-ranging, including classical, rock, rap, jazz, and pop. Game music has the following characteristics. We will introduce the information in a list. Currently, since there is a player, the production also includes sound effects. With the play in mind, the music is reminiscent of anime characters and themes, and the soundtrack music is created as a work. It is a genre that has many fans as it has been made into an album version and has a soundtrack of famous songs.

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Most game music is designed to loop endlessly without interruption. This is because the music does not stop until the scene changes. As a result, most music always loops infinitely. This culture and trend has been around since the earliest days of the Famicom, and software manufacturers have adopted it in all genres, including RPGs. Depending on the situation, I’m making one change, such as the arrangement. The same goes for Dragon Quest, Super Mario Bros., etc. It has been used in numerous works since its earliest days.

Variety of genres

There are many things in the game. From action games, music games, animal games, and even war games. Since the music is also decided according to the game, there is no fixed genre. Game composers should basically be familiar with all genres of music.

BGM only

Game music basically consists of only BGM. When a song is included, it often destroys the video. Game music is only a supporting role that enhances the game itself. Therefore, the main thing is just the image. With the story in mind, we use computer data to play the sounds in the game. Hey Phrases has created something pleasant and has been distributed quite a lot. The composer himself has many game fans. Some authors have won Grammy awards.

typing environment

Game music is mostly produced in a computer-based typing environment, partly because of the budget. Some big budget big games have orchestral dialects, but most games don’t have a lot of money to begin with. Hitting is cheaper.


Game music was born in the 1960s. The reason for this is that the evolution of computers has made it possible to create music. However, the music at that time was of a level that could not even be compared with live music. So most of the music is on par with computer sounds. In the 1970s, an electronic music boom occurred, and music using synthesizers and sequencers became popular. rice field. In the 1980s, there was a boom in home video game consoles, and games became widespread. In the 1980s, it became possible to generate chords on sound sources, and many game BGM began to develop. Professional classical musicians began to take charge of game music in earnest.

In the 1990s, with the advent of the Super Famicom and PlayStation, it became possible to express more delicately with music. In this era, genres such as rock, classical, jazz, fusion, and techno began to appear in game music, and game music became a major genre. By the 2000s, the quality was almost on par with live recordings, and it was able to greatly enhance the game. In the 2000s, music labels began to sell re-recorded versions of past game music, and game music enthusiasts started selling self-recorded sound sources, making it quite popular.


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