Electric guitar: Charvel features, price, and history


Charvel is a guitar maker specializing in the hard rock / metal genre. It is run by Jackson Charvel Manufacturing, a subsidiary of the world-famous Fender company. Wayne Charvel, who left Fender, will open a repair shop in Southern California. After that, the management became stable and became a famous guitar brand. It is now a globally recognized brand.


This instrument was born in the United States.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. The so-cal model is the most famous. Prices vary depending on frets, bridge, fingerboard, tone, neck, body, sound elements, and installed specifications. Models that are easy for artists to control and play with tremolo have also appeared, making them easy to use. There are many models available to suit different styles and bass guitars. It’s a modern guitar with multiple combinations.

Development company

Jackson Charvel Manufacturing, Inc.


Wayne Charvel

Wayne Charvel purchased the Fender Strat and amp in 1959. Wayne worked as a spray painter at a sign shop at the time, but he became interested in repairing and refinishing guitars. Wayne Charvel worked on Fender guitar for about three years in the 1970s. And then Wayne started making charvel guitars in San Dimas, California. Eventually Wayne sold Charvel to Grover Jackson. Since then, Wayne has been making high-end guitars made in the United States.


Charvel began in 1974 when Wayne Charvel, who left Fender, opened a repair shop in Southern California. After that, the image for hard rock and heavy metal gradually takes root. In 1978, employee Glover Jackson acquired the company. Charvel was acquired by Fender Musical Instruments in the fall of 2002, and there is no catalog model, and we mainly develop items ordered by musical instrument stores. Currently, in addition to custom built-in guitars, Charvel is producing “Warren DeMartini model”, “Jake E Lee model” and new JAPAN MADE PRO MOD SERIES San Dimas and his Socal.

Charvel features

Charvel is a hard rock oriented guitar. A longing electric guitar that symbolizes hard rock and heavy metal in the 1980s. Humbuckers are selected for the rear pickup on all models. With its high basic performance and many special wirings, it is popular with rock-oriented guitarists. Charvel has many highly skilled craftsmen, is manufactured with high technology, and is shipped to high standards. Therefore, it is known to be a high quality guitar.

Charvel model



USA Select Series


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