[Band parts and personality analysis] Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard


In the 2000s, the band seems to have declined a bit due to the decline of rock music, but there are still many bands, mainly among working people. The band is divided into parts such as vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, but each part actually has a certain personality tendency.

Personality of the band part

Depending on the band part, there is a certain amount of personality in common. The personality of each instrument is based on the fact that the personality of the person chose that instrument, the personality that the instrument’s characteristics are cultivated by learning and playing the instrument, and the personality that the person originally has.

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Vocals are the face of the band, so they have to stand out. You may have seen a singer who becomes attractive like a strange person. As a vocalist, I tend to talk about myself happily. He likes himself very much, wants to stand out in the audience, and is very talkative.


Like vocals, guitarists tend to be in charge of people who want to stand out. Also, people who play the guitar are particular about creating sounds and using effectors, and some people have a strong idea of composing. Basically, there is an atmosphere that seems to be popular, but it is a part that does not stand out unexpectedly, and there are people who are not popular with the opposite sex. He has the integrity to not bend his own style to the point that he can even appear stubborn at times.


The bass part looks plain at first glance, but it’s the part that dominates the beat. An indispensable presence in the band, an unsung hero. There is a tendency for very sober people to play the bass, but surprisingly there are also many people who have craftsmanship. A quiet person sometimes plays the bass, and often has a very calm personality.


The lifeline of the rhythm part itself. If the tempo is off, the members will look at you coldly. It is a part that has a strong sense of responsibility and is often taken by serious people. Like the bass, the drummer is the unsung hero behind the band, but many of the drummers are calm and can act like adults, watching over them warmly from behind.


The keyboard is the reason why there are many people who are rational, calm, and a little bigoted and go at their own pace. There are also many people who have their own world and want to express it through music. Keyboards can produce a wide variety of tones, so many people stick to their own favorite tones, which could conflict with the band. However, basically, it is not the live who wants to stand out, but the person who wants to support behind the scenes.


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