Zurna: characteristics, price, and history of the ethnic musical instrument


Zurna is a woodwind instrument that is said to have been made in the ancient Persian era. The sound is loud and jarring, so it is an instrument that always makes complaints when played in an apartment building. Therefore, you need to play outdoors. It is a musical instrument that is often used for weddings and other village celebrations, and is very familiar in the Middle East and Turkey. However, it is not very well known in the world because it is a very rare and rare instrument. You can often hear it in the world of BGM such as movies and TV.


This instrument was born in Iran. It is also used in other countries such as Armenia. These play a major role in the culture of the Middle East in general, and players are active all over the world.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen.

History of Zurna

Zurna was known in Persia by the 6th century, and it is believed that this instrument became popular worldwide as Islam gradually spread. It originated from a double reed instrument called Solna, which was made during the ancient Persian era. The basic structure has not changed until now, and it is said that the form has not changed since ancient times. Zurna was also used in the Ottoman Empire and was also used in the Janissary military band. Zurna is a similar oboe instrument and is also the same woodwind instrument. This instrument is heavily used in folk music such as Iran, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Central Asia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Maghreb, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, and is quite deep in the region. It is a rooted instrument. Zurna was the predecessor of the European shawm and is still used today in wedding, temple and funeral music.

Features of Zurna

The main body of Zurna is made of wood and is a vertical flute of about 30-60 cm. There are 7 finger holes on the front and 1 on the back, and the structure is a double reed type like an oboe, and the playing method is different from the oboe. It is an instrument that produces a very loud sound, and it is not recommended to play it in an apartment building. It’s very loud, so it’s best to practice in rivers or parks. Zurna is an instrument in which the brass pipe that holds the reed is held in the lips and the entire reed is included in the oral cavity.

Zurna song

Zurna is fairly deeply infiltrated in the region near the Middle East. For that reason, it is often used in songs such as Middle Eastern songs. Other than that, it is often used mainly in movies and TV.


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