Violin: Characteristics, price, string sound, and history of orchestral instruments


The violin is also famous as a solo instrument, and it is a very famous instrument that is often used in orchestras. There are various theories about the origin of the violin, but it is still unknown. The oldest surviving musical instrument dates back to the latter half of the 16th century, but even before that, the violin was depicted in paintings and literature throughout Europe, including northern Italy. The violin’s ancestors are said to be in the medieval Orient.


This instrument was created in Europe. Players often play it with a piano if necessary, and since it has a similar structure to the cello or viola, they are attracted to it and play it in the same way. Nowadays, it is easier to express yourself than in the past, and it is an instrument that even beginners can recommend practicing. Nowadays, there are more and more free music materials available, and of course it’s easier to start playing bowed string instruments. The number of violinists has increased considerably and there are new artists who are different and unique.

About the price

Looking at the information, prices range from around 10,000 yen to over 10 million yen. You can actually learn how to play each using teaching materials. Many people also purchase sheet music. The number of instructors is increasing, and you can basically play the viola in the same way. There are many series that are popular all over the world. Even if the performer is a little difficult, if they use pine resin and develop the technique, they will be able to produce good classical sounds. Once you have the basics, you will be able to produce more beautiful tones such as vibrato than others. It is necessary to carefully hold down the frets.

Development company

There are many violin manufacturers in the world today.

Company nameCountryfeature
SuzukiJapanLeading Japanese violin maker.
Joseph LorenzGermanyIt is a manufacturer that has been making excellent violins for three generations.
Carlo GiordanoItalyThe original brand of Mac Corporation.
Karl HofnerGermanyGermany’s leading stringed instrument manufacturer.
San AntonioUnited StatesAn American stringed instrument manufacturer.

Violin history

The violin’s ancestors are said to be in the medieval Orient. At that time, an instrument that produced sound by rubbing the strings with a bow was born, and it was introduced to Europe and evolved into a violin. The oldest surviving musical instrument dates back to the late 16th century, but even before that, the violin was portrayed in paintings and literature throughout Europe, including northern Italy. The violin was born around the time of the Council of Trent due to religious reforms, and has been produced in cities such as Cremona. Gasparo di Bertrotti, Andrea Amati and Gasparo Tiffenbrucker are famous as the first makers of extant musical instruments. At that time, it was used as an instrument for secular music such as butoh accompaniment. Furthermore, as the opera was created and developed through activities such as Monteverdi, the violin family was heavily used for instrumental ensemble for accompaniment, and its spread is accelerating. Around 1650, the production of stringed instruments entered a period of modification, and the number of stringed instruments produced increased dramatically. The era of old stringed instruments, which used a lot of his patina processing, including the edges of the front and back plates, changed in the 1800s. Later, as the range of the song being played increased, the fingerboard was extended, and the neck was bent backwards to accommodate higher pitches, making the pieces taller. Most of the instruments made before the 18th century have been improved, and these are called “modern violins”, and those that have not been repaired and remain in their original shape are called “baroque violins”.

Violin features

The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument of the violin family. An instrument that produces the highest range. The total length is about 60 cm, the length of the body is about 35 cm, and the weight varies from individual to individual and is about 300 to 600 g. It is used not only in orchestras but also in pop music and movie music. The violin is shaped like a gourd with a neck attached to the body for stringing. Tune from the “A” string used to tune the entire orchestra, and tune the adjacent strings at a perfect fifth based on that. By rubbing the strings with a rod-shaped tool called a “bow”, vibration is created, and by resonating it with the body, the sound is amplified. Adjust the position to hold the strings while moving your left hand. Plays various pitches.

Violin song

The violin is used in all genres. It is a famous musical instrument that is widely used in songs, movies, and folk music.


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