Triangle: Characteristics, price, and history of orchestral instruments


Triangle is a musical instrument used in orchestras and is characterized by the shape of a bent triangular corner of metal. It is also considered a percussion instrument rather than a musical instrument, and is often used as a sound effect. The exact origins of the Triangle musical instrument are unknown, but it has a long history, as a number of medieval paintings depict angels playing it. It was used in orchestras in the 1700s and became recognized as an instrument.


This instrument was created in Europe. Hit the bent part with a beater to make a sound. Made of metal, it has a much better resonance than other instruments, and is used in the same way as rhythmic percussion instruments such as tambourines and cymbals. It comes in a variety of lengths, and players can use it to achieve the desired effect.

About the price

Triangles cost from a few thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen.

Development company

There are many triangle manufacturers in the world today.

Company nameCountryfeature
ALAN ABELUnited StatesAn original triangle by Alan Ebel, a percussionist of the Philadelphia Orchestra.
STUDIO49GermanyIt is supported by professional orchestras around the world.
GroverUnited StatesA triangle made of high-purity bronze steel that has been hammered.
KIKUTANIJapamReasonable triangle.
YAMAHAJapamIt is a comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer in Japan, and its quality is also top level.

Triangle history

The exact origin of the triangle is unknown. When it comes to triangles, there was an ancient Egyptian instrument that had a function similar to that of a wind chime that was held and played by hand. It is possible that this is the origin. History is considered to be a fairly long instrument, as many of the medieval paintings in Europe still have angels playing them. Also, in the Middle Ages, there were some isosceles triangles instead of equilateral triangles. The triangle is associated with the Christian “Trinity” and may have been created in that sense. Since it was used in churches in the Middle Ages, it seems to have originated in churches. By the 14th century, the triangle was well known and began to be used in orchestras in the 1700s. It was also used in Turkish military bands in the 18th century. Triangles are also used in Mozart’s songs. There is also an example of using the triangle in Beethoven’s work.

Triangle features

A triangle is a single metal rod that is folded into a triangle. The name comes from its shape, the triangle. As a playing method, it is common to hit with a metal edge. The tone may change depending on the position and strength of the finger touch and the hitting position. The tone will change depending on whether you hit it with the tip of a drumstick or in the middle. Triangles come in a variety of instruments, large and small, thick and thin. There are large individual differences between musical instruments, and the sounds that come out also change significantly.

Triangle song

Triangles are generally used in sound effects and classical music. It is often used in scenes such as TV and commercials. Often used to add accents.


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