[Music genre] Why did reggae decline Genre types and history


Reggae music is one of the music genres that originated in Jamaica in the Caribbean, and although it became a big boom in the country, it is now in decline. When you think of reggae, it is a genre that is well known to many people because it is popular music and has a high level of recognition, but in reality it is not a very popular genre these days. Why has reggae declined? And what is the history of reggae?

What is Reggae?

Reggae is music that originated in the Caribbean, including Jamaica. Reggae music often combines drum sets, bass guitars, guitars, keyboards, trombones, and saxophones. The biggest feature of reggae is the rhythm pattern. The music has a unique groovy feel, and is characterized by many relaxed tunes with a BPM of around 70 to 90. After Bob Marley’s worldwide hit in the 1970s, reggae’s performance style became popular all over the world. Reggae-style arrangements have also appeared.

reggae music

genre of reggae

There are said to be four main genres of reggae. We will introduce the information in a list. There was a time when it developed as a domestic culture in the Caribbean and reached its peak of prosperity. Many music studios were born in Jamaica, which became a social boom and even made the news. The number of digital album releases is decreasing now, giving a sense of decline.


Ska is the root of all Jamaican music. There are many songs that can still be danced with unique beats and backing styles, and the main focus is on up-tempo tunes. It was a popular genre in the 1960s, but then declined in the 1970s. Music still loved by many Jamaicans and reggae fans.


It is this genre that has evolved in place of ska. In a nutshell, it is a melody characterized by a ska solo tempo. The lyrics are sung at a slow tempo, and you can feel the depth of Jamaican music sensitivity. Like ska, it is a genre deeply loved by reggae fans, and it is said that Jamaicans still listen to this music.


Reggae was born under the strong influence of the former two. Reggae is a genre that has been established by numerous artists and is recognized worldwide. The biggest feature is the backing beat, and it is music that can create a unique groove feeling. With Bob Marley, the genre spread all over the world all at once, and it became all the rage.

Dance hall reggae

As reggae declined, non-reggae music emerged. That’s dancehall reggae. In dancehall and reggae, music is produced using computers such as synthesizers. Club-dancing reggae became popular in the Caribbean. Dancehall reggae is now the mainstream of reggae music.

Reggae history

Reggae is music that originated in Jamaica in the early 1960s. Until then, Jamaica was popular for folk music such as mento, calypso, and American jazz. In 1960, the predecessor ska appeared. Up-tempo backing rhythms with even accents on the 2nd and 4th beats of a bar were all the rage. But then rocksteady appeared in the late 1960s. Melodic basslines and sweet, smooth sounds were in vogue, but this too faded in the late 1960s. Then reggae was born. Reggae was a hit genre in the 1970s and spread globally as musicians such as Rico Rodriguez and Lynn Tate emigrated abroad. Reggae was then superseded by dancehall reggae. In the late 1900s, a genre that combined elements of dance music was born and became popular.


However, in the 2000s, reggae began to decline due to global trends such as hip-hop and rap. Old styles such as ska and rocksteady have been forgotten due to the rise of new genres. There is music that makes use of the reggae style, but there are few artists who are active in the old style. Hip-hop, rap, etc., with a bit of reggae elements, and the bass is often composed of other genres, so it’s no longer the main genre. Like classical music and jazz, reggae also followed a path of decline due to the rise of new genres.


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