[Music and animals] Music that parrots like, music that responds


Do parakeets like singing? In this article, I will explain what I felt about birds. Many people have the impression that they are very intelligent because they can speak human language. So, do parakeets have any favorite music? And what kind of music do they respond to? I looked into it.

Music that parrots like

Parakeets like different kinds of music; some like classical music, while others like pop music, so preferences vary depending on the parakeet’s personality. Some parrots also respond to something like a 10-second sound effect. Some parrots may even dance, so you’ll find them to be very charming. Below is a list of information about the tendencies of budgies that like singing. You can often find videos of small birds whistling in daily life. Parakeets communicate with each other in their cages every day, and as they are related to parrots, they are very friendly.

different music tastes

Parrots often imitate human mimics and voices. A team of researchers at the University of Lincoln in New Zealand found that when two gray parrots listened to music and observed how they performed, one preferred easy listening and the other preferred pop music. got it. I found out that there is a difference in personality between those who like rhythmic music and those who like classical music.

caregiver influence

Parrots are greatly influenced by their residents by their personalities. This is true of my lifestyle, but I am also influenced by music as well. For example, if you are a breeder who likes classical music, you will become a parakeet who likes classical music and will respond. Also, if the breeder likes popular music, he may sing along. So the bottom line is that you are very much influenced by the people you live with.

Tired for a long time?

For example, we know that if you keep listening to music for a long time, the parakeets will gradually stop responding. This is probably because the parakeet got used to it and got tired of it, or it got tired and stopped moving its body.

Responds to environmental sounds

In recent years, there is also music called ambient music that allows you to listen to environmental sounds, the sound of flowing water, and the chirping of birds. They sometimes make their voices in sync with the calls of birds and tend to mimic them. Parakeets react to various phenomena, just as they react to sound effects like the one above.

Ambient Music

Dancing with parrots?

Parrots also respond to EDM and more. EDM is highly recommended if you want to see cute step dances. Parakeets can also sense rhythms, and they may dance to a certain rhythm. So if you want to dance along, I recommend turning on EDM in your home.


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