[Musical Instruments and Personality Diagnosis] Personality analysis and trends by orchestral instrument


There are many types of orchestral instruments, each with their own characteristics. I have experienced several music recordings, and I have found that there is a certain tendency in the character and thinking of each orchestral instrument player. It’s just a dogmatic personality analysis, but it may be helpful for those who are about to start playing orchestral instruments.

character of the string player

Nowadays, stringed instruments are the star of wind music. What instrument are you suited for in a band? There are pros and cons when choosing, so please refer to them. I will write a list of things by category.

Orchestra Music


There are many ordinary people who do not have special characteristics. High register players tend to be very sensitive people, but they also have another side of hysterics that can be difficult to handle at times.


I tend to give this instrument to people who are deep and elaborate. This is because the viola has a distinctive range that is neither high-pitched like a violin nor low-pitched like a contrabass.


Many cellists are fair and square, and have a sincere personality. The cello can be played both solo and in concert, but most people are proud of both. People who play the cello can be said to have the most brilliant personality.


Contrabass tends to be played by very serious people. Since this instrument gives a calm and quiet impression, there are not many people who are serious about it.

Character of a woodwind player

flute piccolo

There are many people who have a ladylike temperament, and elegant people tend to play this instrument. I always worry about how to make myself attractive, and there are many beautiful people. However, if you go too far, you can become a narcissist, so be careful.


There are many conservative types who dislike trying new things. In addition, there are many people who are usually very serious about making this instrument, and tend to have a cautious personality.


A sober person is often in charge of the bassoon. Also, there are many people who are very quiet and can do steady practice steadily.



The clarinetist is a pacifist and does not like to stand out personally. He’s a reserved type who doesn’t cause turbulence, and because he cares about the wavelength of his surroundings, he doesn’t have the impression that he stands out as an individual.


There are a lot of people who have an artistic temperament, and there are many people who tend to try to stand out as individuals. It is also the sax part that makes the problem inside even bigger. I care about how I look cool on stage.

Character of a brass player


The horn is said to be the most difficult instrument in the world, but many players have their own quirks. I have a strong obsession and am obsessed with how I can play a difficult instrument well.


Many people want to stand out as individuals because they are the star of brass band. There are many types who are popular with everyone and become popular.


In the case of the trombone, there are many people who are the exact opposite of the trumpet, and tend to be gentle and laid-back. It’s not showy.

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There are many people who have a solid body, but there are many personality types that tend to be laid back and at their own pace. But the truth is, I always want to stand out. There are many tubas that leave a lingering aftertaste in ensembles.

Personality of the percussionist


While exhibiting unrivaled strength in one-point concentration, its form of thought is always pointy. It requires a high degree of concentration, which is why I get nervous when it’s time to do it.


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