[Music humming search app] Free Siri usage and functions when you don’t know the song name


Did you know that Siri also works as a music search app? It has a strong meaning of “an assistant function that performs smartphone operations for you just by talking to it” installed in iPhones and iPads, but you can also search for music. Go into the mic and ask, “What is this song?” Then, the text “Searching for songs” will be displayed, so you can search.

humming search app

Music search apps are useful when you only know part of the lyrics or only the melody when searching for music. The functions vary depending on the app, and it is very convenient that you can search by humming a song and having the app recognize it. Normally, apps are downloaded from Google Play, etc., but if you find it difficult, you can also use Google Assistance. With the humming search app, you can search for the title of a song by listening to the melodies and lyrics that you vaguely remember. Many apps are already available. For iOS and Android, there are many popular playlists such as Shazam and Soundhound, which are played while listening, but the current trend is to use Siri. Please read the terms of use before using.


Siri is an assistant function installed in iPhones and iPads that performs smartphone operations on your behalf. If you press and hold the home button (or the side button for devices without a home button) or say “Hey Siri” to your device, the app will launch and listen to your voice, allowing you to perform operations on your behalf. Users can share, check and discover data on Spotify and Apple Music while using it, resulting in support. It is also attracting attention because it is a player that you can connect to and listen to while checking reviews. This is a new app, so please refer to the usage instructions below for details. By humming and singing, you can instantly create a list of music videos that become hits all over the world in real time, so it can be used by people of all ages.

Siri’s humming search How to use

Siri is originally an assistant function that performs the operation of the smartphone instead, but it can also search for music. Siri has built in the same music search function since iOS8. The operation method is very simple, just press and hold the home button on the iPhone to activate Siri and say “What is this song?” Then, the text “Searching for songs” is displayed, so play a song there or hum. Hopefully you can find the song title and the artist name. If you tap the song title, you will be taken to the iTunes Store page where you can purchase it.

In case you don’t know the name of the song

It may not work well when there is a lot of background noise, when the music is soft, or when the sound quality is poor. Also, compared to other humming search apps, the impression is that the accuracy is low. Even if you listen to the song properly, there are cases where you do not get an answer. Searching with Siri may take some time or may not be heard well. In some cases, such as when there is no song information on the server, it may not be possible to find the song. If you are unsatisfied, you have no choice but to try other apps.

Functions of Siri

In addition to searching for music, Siri can also do the following: It is very convenient as it can be used for a wide range of purposes. I’m looking forward to it because there are guides and many libraries. They will explain the different operations and explain them to you, so let’s try watching and collecting the product’s content from your smartphone. By installing it, you can search, identify, and know all kinds of information.

alarm clock

You can set an alarm clock, and when you talk to Siri, it wakes you up at the specified time.

timer function

You’ll want a timer when you’re exercising or cooking. Siri can set a timer.


Siri can also translate for you. If it is not a very minor language, it will automatically translate the language.


You can even ask Siri to do the math for you.


Reminders that remind you based on “location information” and “time” have become a setting screen that is somewhat troublesome to register with your finger.

route search

If you get lost, ask Siri to find your way.

weather forecast

Tell Siri the time and location, and it will give you the weather forecast that matches those conditions.


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