[Music and sports] Causal relationship between exercise and music BGM


At the training gym, I often see people exercising while listening to music. Some people just listen to it while exercising because they like music. However, recently, listening to music in exercise has become so popular that playlists with the theme of listening are selected at training gyms. Many people are wondering what kind of effect they get by listening to music while exercising.

The impact of music on exercise

What kind of effects does listening to music have while playing sports? When it comes to the relationship between physical exercise such as running for athletes and music, there seems to be a relationship between the following movements. We will introduce the elements and information listed at the top in a list. Our health is affected not only by our lifestyle but also by our music. When you start, think about your motivation as well as your pace. If your favorite music is playing at each facility or store, it will be easier to move your body.


Humans have a heart and are said to be animals that move according to the timing when the heart beats. Music has rhythm, melody, and harmony, but rhythm has a great influence on human beings. Humans get a certain amount of pleasure when they move in rhythm. People can walk and run rhythmically because their limbs have their own tempo, but if you choose music accordingly, you will be able to train very comfortably. In other words, if the music selection is incorrect, you will feel uncomfortable while exercising. You will need a song selection that suits you.


It is a well-known story that athletes often listen to their favorite music before a match. Athletes are extremely nervous and anxious before the match. Before the game, various noises are heard. It may be the condition of other players, or the voice of expectation or criticism of oneself. It is often the environment where you cannot concentrate on yourself because you are concerned about the surrounding sounds. By listening to music, it has the role of dispelling that anxiety and inspiring oneself.


Music also has the effect of increasing relaxation and relieving pain and spiciness. When you are listening to your favorite song, the nerves in your brain that control the enjoyment and mood improvement are activated, and you are less likely to feel pain. Using BGM during training will make you feel shorter and reduce stress.

Song selection

Listening to music has a very strong influence on sports, but if you choose the wrong music, it can have the opposite effect. Members of gyms and other organizations need to think about various programs for events and other events.

Before the match

For club activities and songs to listen to before the actual game, bright songs or songs that I like very much are preferable. This does not allow you to move comfortably without inspiring yourself. Therefore, we do not recommend dark or sad songs.

cool down

It’s a good song to calm down when you take a break or when you’re done exercising. Healing, ambient and classical music are recommended. On the other hand, intense songs such as EDM and rock can make you feel uncomfortable.

Will performance improve?

It is said that athletes always listen to music before the competition, but does the performance actually improve?


When listening to music, it is said that if you listen to music at a loud volume, the running speed will increase.


It seems that you can run faster when you play an up-tempo song. Also, it is said that listening to music from 120 to 140 bpm during the warm-up will increase the instantaneous power after that.


When listening to lyrics that motivate you, it is said that the rate of decrease in lactic acid after exercise is the highest.


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