Mosegno: Characteristics, price, and history of ethnic musical instruments


Moseno is a wind instrument used in Peru and Bolivia. There are many variations in size of the flute. It is said that it was born in the state of Mohossa in Bolivia, and then spread to the Andean region. It has a very simple design and is an instrument that seems to have existed for quite some time. Today, it is a folk instrument that represents South America, and is often used in traditional musical instruments.


This instrument was born in Bolivia.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen.

History of Moseno

Moseno is said to have been born in the state of Mohossa, Bolivia. It’s so similar to the flute called fujara found in Slovakia that it may have originated in Europe, but it’s not clear. The flute brought to South America by Europeans may have propagated. It is said to have been used by people who speak Aymara, and it is an instrument used at weddings and ceremonies. It is a flute that can produce a very low tone, and is a little similar to the Indian flute, which is an indigenous instrument of the United States. Moseno was mainly used in Bolivia, but has since spread to Peru. Furthermore, it has been widely spread in the Andean region and is now one of the representatives of South American folk instruments. It has become an instrument used not only by South Americans but also by people from other continents.

Features of Moseno

The Moseno is a transverse flute instrument, but its structure is similar to that of a vertical flute. It has the same “narrowed vents and edges” as the recorder. Mosenos vary in size and vary from region to region. The length of the flute is about 20-60 inches. The number of holes can be 3 to 6 or more. Short ones are within reach and can be played vertically, while long ones are played horizontally. It is commonly played in ensembles and is often used in Latin American folk music. In the olden days, Moseno was tuned to the treble, unlike the bass Mosenos most commonly found today, and is now widely tuned.

Moseno song

Moseno is mainly used in South American folk music. Furthermore, it is an instrument that may appear in games, movies, dramas, and other scenes.


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