[USA: Record label audition] Mad Decent: Singer, composer, lyricist, arranger


Mad Decent is an independent label based in Los Angeles, USA. It’s an electronic music record label with a wide variety of genres, including dance music, reggae, trap, and dubstep. The label was founded by Diplo in 2006 and moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Although it is an independent label, many famous artists have been born.

Mad Decent

Company NameMad Decent
LocationLos Angeles, United States
GenreElectric, Trap, Dubstep, Regae
URLHome Page

A label that handles various genres

Mad Decent covers quite a lot of genres such as Dubstep, Trap, Electro House, Dancehall Reggae, Baile Funk, Kuduro, Moombahton. Since it deals with a wide variety of genres, it can be said that the label is suitable for those who want to enjoy all genres, as the artists are also working on quite a lot of genres.

Call for demo tapes

Mad Decent is always looking for demo tapes. Click “Demo” on the Contact page to start the mailer. Instead of sending the demo sound source itself, if possible, it would be kind to upload the sound source to an upload service such as SoundCloud and send the URL. Profiles are also important. If you have a track record, send it at the same time as it will be an appealing point. Even if you apply for this kind of audition, it’s normal that you don’t get any response, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response. Also, let’s make a demo sound source again and apply. If a reply comes from the label, I think it will probably be an interview.

Demo Submission

famous artist

Despite being an independent label, Mad Decent has some surprisingly famous artists. If you want to become famous with a major label from now on, I recommend you to try it. America has the largest music industry in the world. There are quite a lot of opportunities for that, so it’s a good idea to take on the challenge.


Founder of Mad Decent and a famous American DJ. Known as the most important producer of the world-famous dance movement, he has produced many hits in the movement, and has created many hits.

Buraka Som Sistema

Electronic music unit based in Lisbon, Portugal. Many hits were born from their music, which is highly evaluated by up-and-coming producers. Recognized for their abilities, they belong to Sony.

Dillon Francis

He is a famous American DJ and producer. Having mastered the EDM genre, he created numerous hits. He has a contract with a major label such as Columbia, and is an artist who has made great strides.


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