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India’s music industry is still very small, but it is said that it will expand greatly in the future. The Indian electronic dance music scene has become very popular since around the 2010s, and some songs have evolved uniquely to India. How is the Indian dance music scene changing now?

What is Indian EDM?

Indian EDM is a new genre that combines EDM and traditional Indian pop music. The music market in India is still small, but it is a market that is expected to grow significantly in the future, and the world’s music industry is paying attention to India. A characteristic of this genre is the fusion of dance music elements and Indian elements. Another major feature is that the lyrics are not in English, but in local languages such as Hindi. The music videos also have Indian elements, and many of them give an image of indigenous Indian music. Even though EDM producers are involved in the production of the songs, ethnic instruments are often used in the songs, and somehow they have an Indian feel to them.

Indian EDM

Indian market and EDM

EDM has not only penetrated the Indian market, but it has also become a business. Music wasn’t very popular in India, and we weren’t able to create a movement. But EDM seems to have won the hearts of Indians. EDM occupies the top of the genres handled at large-scale concerts in India. The live market in India is worth 1-1.5 billion rupees per year. Most of the songs played on MTV in India are centered on EDM, and the exposure to listeners is increasing. India is now in the Internet age, and it is an era where you can easily listen to music on Soundcloud and YouTube. It became not only a platform for artists to release their music, but also a place freely accessible to listeners. From now on, we will enter an era when music will penetrate more in India.

famous artist

Rappers also appear in Indian EDM. Many of the singers are domestic artists, and there has been a lot of release information recently, and many of them have appeared at clubs and parties overseas. The category is dance, and from 2020, interesting 90’s electronic and trance songs and albums have been released. There are many events and activities. The atmosphere is a little fuller, with a hint of folk music.

Lost Stories

EDM duo from Mumbai. He has performed at the world’s biggest EDM festival in Belgium. It is said to be the first internationally acclaimed dance music unit by an Indian artist. There are many songs that are characterized by being an Indian artist, but not being very Indian.


Indian American from California. An EDM musician with a Hindu father from Kashmir and an American mother. He has appeared in major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Tommorowland, and has become a famous DJ. Since he was born in America, his sound is not very Indian.


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