Drums, electric guitars, electric basses: Gretsch features, prices, and history


Gretsch is a famous American drum manufacturer. The model is suitable for country music sounds, and it is a manufacturer that is well known by players all over the world as it develops a wide variety of instruments, including not only drums but also electric guitars and electric basses. Speaking of the classic drum, the Gretsch is used by famous drummers including Max Roach, Art Blakey, and Philly Joe Jones. Since drums have a distinct sound, different people have distinct preferences.


This instrument was born in Brooklyn, USA. The body, specifications, looks, etc. are attractive and the design is cool. There are also many editions of body colors. It is often picked up and posted on the internet. Powerful instruments allow bands to start and play large sets in the studio without any hassle.

Development company

Gretsch Company

About the price

Gretsch sells a large number of musical instruments, some of which cost from tens of thousands of yen to over one million yen. Artist guitarists have their own models, and you can choose the design you like from the fully loaded functions such as bridge, neck, effector, strings, tone, mute, etc. The current brand series has individuality and is compatible with a wide range of genres based on rock. The lineup is compatible with anything. We recommend purchasing this product for beginners.


Frederick Gretsch 1856 – 1895

Frederick Gretsch was born in 1856. Frederick Gretsch is a German immigrant who founded the Gretsch Company in 1883. Frederick died in 1895 at the age of 39, and his son Fred took over the company.

History of Gretsch

In 1883 Frederick Gretsch founded the Gretsch Company in Brooklyn, New York, USA. At that time, I was making drums, tambourines, banjos, and so on. Founder Frederick Gretsch died at the age of 39, and the company was taken over by his child Fred. Fred moved the company to Williamsburg’s building in 1916, and the company gradually grew. Fred retired in 1942, and Fred entrusted his company’s business to his children, William and Fred Jr. Under the management of these two people, the Gretsch Company reached its heyday. The company is also involved in the production of electric guitars, and the “6120” and “White Falcon” became big hits and grew into a leading American musical instrument manufacturer. However, since the 1960s, it has become relatively weak due to the efforts of other companies such as Gibson, and it will fall into a slump in business. In 1967, the company was acquired by Baldwin Piano.

However, after that, in 1985, the Gretsch family succeeded in purchasing the Gretsch Company again. In 2003, the guitar division was placed under the umbrella of Fender. In 2015, the drum division was under the umbrella of DW.

Features of Gretsch Drum

Gretsch was a favorite of all jazz drummers in the 1950s. The United States at that time was a manufacturer that was so popular that it was said that everyone used Gretsch. The biggest feature is the combination of a thin wood shell and a die-cast hoop. By combining the very straightforward sound quality with the original die-cast hoop, the dry depth of the maple wooden body and the strong presence are perfectly balanced, establishing the undisputed royal road sound. Nowadays, it seems natural for other manufacturers to combine a thin maple shell with a die-cast hoop, but originally it was only Gretsch. The sound is both warm and dry.

Gretsch also makes guitars. Beautiful sound and characteristic appearance are the biggest features. Gretsch’s guitar design has the beauty of design, such as artistic curved holes and unique coloring. Gretsch’s sound fits very well in genres such as country, rockabilly and rock’n’roll and sells well. It is also said to be an instrument that is difficult to handle and is greatly influenced by the ability of the player. It is used by many guitar players around the world, including Elvis Presley.

Gretsch model

Gretsch makes not only drums but also guitars. Here are some models of electric guitars, electric basses, and drums.

G6120 Nashville

G6122 Country Gentleman

G6136 White Falcon

Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II

G5442BDC Electromatic TR E-Bass

Brooklyn Series


Renown Series


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