Drums: Features, price, and history of DW Drums


DW Drums is an American drum kit and hardware manufacturer based in Oxnard, California. DW’s current products include drum kits, snare drums, hardware, and bass drum pedals. It is a drum maker known all over the world under the name of DW and is the world’s top level maker. DW was originally founded as a lesson studio and later sold drum-related products to raise funds for its operation.


This instrument was born in the United States.

About the price

According to information, a new series of drums costs nearly 100,000 yen, but some of the more expensive ones cost around 1 million yen. In the case of a set, you will have to purchase the kit at a high price. It is also useful as a percussion instrument during live performances. You can practice optimally.

Development company

Drum Workshop, Inc.


Don Lombardi 

Don Lombardi started taking drum lessons with his local teacher Nat Leslie at the age of twelve. When he was in his twenties, he had the opportunity to study drums with Freddie Gruber for over five years. This was a good opportunity to learn about drums. The Drum Workshop was established in 1972. At that time, it was established as a lesson studio. I became a manufacturer to cover the cost of this lesson. We have started a small drum equipment sales business to cover the operating costs of the facility. This led DW to pursue its path as a drum maker.


Drum Workshop was founded in 1972 by Don Lombardi as an educational studio. Originally it offered private lessons and occasional workshops. However, in order to cover the operating costs of the facility, we started selling sticks, books, and drum sets. Until 1977, Drum Workshop was a drum classroom and a small drum shop. But Don Lombardi had a keen interest in making drums. Therefore, the direction of Drum Workshop has completely changed from the position of classroom and store. Became a standing position as a manufacturer and released the Camco 5000 nylon strap, bass drum and pedal under the DW brand. In 1983, DW created a double bass drum pedal with a universal joint and a unique coupling method. In the 1980s, with endorsement to the world’s top drummers, expansion of the dealer network, and marketing campaigns, DW’s top quality bass drum pedals and hi-hat stands were fully lined up and gained popularity in the United States. .. Using famous players, DW created a drum catalog.

Features of DW Drums

DW hardware is heavy, sturdy and durable. This also affects the sound, for example the stand will have a forward attack to reduce the swaying of cymbals, and the pedal will produce a heavy kick with a heavy thickness and volume. The sound of DW is thick and heavy, and it has power that is not buried in the surroundings. This characteristic has long been popular with rock drummers. One of the specifications unique to DW is “Timber Matching,” which controls the pitch of drums such as toms and ships them. The concept is to treat the drum as a pitched instrument, not as a pitchless instrument.

DW Drums Model

Collector’s Series

Classics Series

Jazz Series

Eco-X Project

Performance Series

Design Series


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