Electric guitar, electric bass: Duesenberg characteristics, price, and history


Duesenberg’s starplayer model is a very famous electric guitar and electric bass instrument manufacturer in Germany. A guitar maker that symbolizes the 1930s, with a history of nearly 200 years, it features an Art Deco style design that was popular at that time, and has a unique coloring. In addition, all guitars are manufactured at a factory in Hannover, Germany, with particular attention to detail. We mainly sell 6-string and 12-string electric guitars.


This instrument was created in Germany. Starplayer TV, deluxe, and grand Vintage models are popular, and products such as basses, amplifiers, and effectors are also available. Please check the information as some items are limited edition. The price of the series varies considerably depending on the model such as body, bridge, neck, volume, steel piece, switch, etc. Bass guitars are also available.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. It has a wide variety of original Les Paul and maple compatibility, and is compatible with multiple functions, making it recommended for recording. It is a manufacturer that can compete with Fender, Maple, etc. Accessories can also be attached, and it can also be used for DTM.

Developing company



Dieter Gölsdorf

Dieter Gölsdorf started to be interested in music around 14 years old and started guitar. He did not play much membrane and he said, he said, he was interested in the structure of the guitar than the playing technology of the guitar. He was remodeled to make the guitar with some barrup. He now just remodeling guitar than guitar playing. At the end of 1977, he took a pickup coil myself, and he checked many types of pickups at that time. In 1980, he sold a locked tremolo unit called Tru Tune Tremolo. In 1981, the guitar brand “Du Senburg” will be established in 1986 and in 1986.

Duesenberg’s History

The Part Maker “Rockinger” established in 1978 starts to sell the world’s first elex guitar kit in Hanover in Germany. In 1981, the guitar brand “Du Senburg” will be established in 1986 and in 1986. DueSenberg was originally a brand for guitar until 1989. By 1995, Gölsdorf started developing a new guitar called Starp Layer. DueSenberg devices are particularly persistent to the 1950s and 1960s guitar design with classic designs and most unusual coloring. In 2004, the company has opened a new branch in Flatton in California. As sales grow, the company needs new facilities by 2011, and has moved from the city center to the suburbs of Hanover. On the other hand, the number of international artists using DueSenberg Instruments as a live performance device increased significantly. Today, DueSenberg is a global brand for high quality instruments and audio equipment.

Duesenberg Features

DueSenberg is committed to the 1900s guitar design, and retro appearance is the greatest feature. The pick guard and peg knobs and the control knob are designed with a sense of unity, and in-house development, such as Hambacker, P-90 type, and bridge, and tremolo system, remained in the presence of parts maker. It is also characterized by a retro looks tremolo unit that reminds you of a big slot, and the movable part is fitted with a bearing and smooth operation, and the tilt and length of the arm can be prepared with screws. Duassemburg’s electric guitar has more than 20 lineups and has a variety of color variations, including order production. Developer Dieter Gölsdorf’s strong commitment is a manufacturer in the table.

Duesenberg model


Everything is equipped with Diamond Deluxe Stremolo.


updated the top design from the model.


Elbow cut and waist contour modeled model into the fully solid alder body.


Model designed with the image of the US West Coast.


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