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Do you know about audition scams for singers and models? The techniques are very clever and there are many people who aim to become professionals in the music industry, but the door is very narrow and only a handful become professionals. As a result, the world is known to be extremely harsh, as the industry is oversupplied and demand is not keeping up with demand at all. However, there are scammers all over the world who take advantage of this and defraud applicants of their money. Avoid being scammed out of your precious money.

What is an audition scam?

Audition scams are the act of tricking someone who wants to be a professional musician into taking money. It’s a very vicious scam that preys on dreams and is a crime. In fact, in various countries, vice offices are quite mixed in and criminal acts called audition commercial law are spreading. The audition commercial law suddenly demands money from the applicant who called for the audition. The problem with audition commercial law is that it doesn’t tell you in advance that you need to pay. When recruiting, you hide the cost and demand a lot of money when you actually audition. Let’s see what kind of scams actually exist.

Advertising costs

When you become a professional musician, you have to advertise the musician itself using promotional media. Fraudsters tell aspirants that they need advertising and advertising costs and charge money. If you don’t advertise yourself, you can’t sell yourself in the first place. It is a scammer who takes advantage of it and deceives it. If it’s an indie label, you’ll have to advertise it yourself, but if it’s a major label, it’s usually the responsibility of the company.

Music release cost

When you become a professional musician, you need to release your music. Applicants will be charged the cost of producing the music at that time. This is a fraudulent method in which they take advantage of the situation and demand money because they are in trouble if they cannot sell their music. If you are an independent label, you will have to produce and pay for it yourself, but if you are signed to a major label, the company will usually cover the cost. When it comes to scams, there are many cases where the content provided in the debut is forced to bear the burden of money. They collectively demand support in exchange for results.

Management costs

Nowadays, professional musicians usually have a booking agent or manager. The scammer then asks for money in the name of management fees. However, management costs are usually borne by the company itself. In the world of entertainment and modeling, you should be aware that it is a scam when someone asks you to pay for things like taking videos or photos or enrolling in school. Artists usually work by receiving services for free. Proposals that are completely off-topic are dangerous. It is no good if a high price is listed in the contract. Even if you want to, you will never become famous regardless of your age.

Registration fee

Scammers will ask for money in return for being assigned to a record company, or they will keep asking for money as a way to get successful candidates to be assigned to an agency. There is no doubt that such examples are 100% scams. Therefore, if you receive such a request, please be sure to decline it. Make a decision as soon as you receive a payment like this. Normally, you would receive support from the office. Even if you do some work to attract customers such as streaming or YouTube, it is normal for the company to pay for it. It is strange that even celebrities and bands are forced to pay such expenses.

Lesson fee

Scammers swindle students out of large sums of money in the name of training expenses for productions and singing lessons with teachers. However, if it is a real major label or agency, it is unlikely that such a charge will be made. Therefore, if you receive such a request, be sure to decline it. Entertainment agencies don’t do that when it comes to live shows or music activities. Once you have the knowledge, you will be able to develop countermeasures. The scouts in charge really don’t demand anything as long as they have the talent. An idol that can be made is a money tree. Regardless of the genre, whether it’s CD recording or product sales, we clearly state the details in the contract.

View of record companies and offices

Record companies and music offices basically don’t take money. With the exception of lyricists and composers, registering with a music rights group may require a small expense. This is not a scam as it is a necessary means to actually receive royalties. And as stated on the homepage, record companies and music offices do not charge 100% of the money.

Scammer’s trick

Fraudsters treat audition participants as if they were the chosen person. The words “You were selected because you were recommended by the producer” and “You are the only one who passed 10,000 applications” uplift the other person’s feelings and deprive them of their composure. In fact, all applicants have passed. And anyone can just cheat the money and run away.

Characteristics of suspicious record companies and music offices

Be wary if you see an advertisement for an agency or record company that falls under the following points. Please consider declining the audition as a solution. There are many fraudulent business practices in the music industry. If there is no notation or explanation, etc., it will be deleted at the end. Newcomers should protect themselves properly when starting out, in order to avoid falling victim to safety and peace of mind.

  • Companies without a homepage
  • Companies with no track record
  • A company without any company information
  • Companies that are repeatedly relocating

How to actually acquire skills?

How to acquire skills? We recommend training at a school.


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