[Music genre] What is an anime song? Explaining the history and meaning of anime song theme songs


Anime songs (anisongs) can be said to be a music genre that is popular mainly in Japan, so we will explain their meaning, usage, and history. Anime culture has flourished in Japan since the mid-1900s, and it is a genre that is in demand among a certain number of anime otakus. As the name “anime songs” suggests, most of the songs are about anime, and since they come from a variety of genres, the sounds are diverse.

What is Anime Song?

Anime songs, as the name suggests, are songs about anime. The genre and melody are all diversified because there are considerable differences depending on the content of the animation. There are various genres such as rock, pop, classical, jazz, hip-hop, etc., and it will change as much as you like depending on the animation plan. In general, anime songs often refer to anime theme songs, but there are also character songs. Anime songs are flourishing mainly in Japan, but they are not so widely recognized outside of Japan. This is due to the fact that anime culture is deeply rooted in Japan.

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Genre born in Japan

Anime songs were born in Japan. If you look for information on anime song collections, the lyrics and voice actors should be the top hits on the web. Most of the songs they sing are anime theme songs. As you can see from the list, Japan has a deep anime culture. The songs provided are all reminiscent of anime works and TV anime, even if you look at the rankings. Hit songs have been released since the Showa era. Distribution events and special features on nursery rhymes and anime music are often organized throughout the year. Many covers and background music have been created, and many of the animations are million-selling masterpieces that have even made news overseas.

What is the theme song?

Originally, theme songs existed in movies and TV music, but now they appear in anime as well. Anime theme songs have the basic format of an anime song consisting of an opening and an ending, and are often composed by a different composer than the original soundtrack. Also, in the case of anime theme songs, most of the songs are songs, and there are almost no instrumental songs. The same trend can be seen in character songs. The genre of the music is also various, and it is often matched to the style that is associated with the image of the work.


Originally, there was no such thing as an anime song. Back in the days of black-and-white television, TV dramas and movies already had theme songs, but anime didn’t have them. So the anime song and the basic format will be completed. The trigger for this was the Japanese anime Astro Boy. A new attempt was made with this animation that was broadcast in the 1960s. It inserted the anime’s theme song into the opening and ending. As a result, Japanese anime always has song songs in the opening and ending. It is Astro Boy that the basic composition in animation was established.

In the 1970s, singers specializing in theme songs for this anime appeared. Along with that, it will be commercialized, and albums and single records will be planned and released. Since the 1980s, the number of anime productions has increased, and the demand for anime songs has increased dramatically, and record shops have created a category called anime songs. Sales of anime songs vary depending on the popularity of the anime itself, but some songs have sold over one million copies. However, the anime song genre is mainly a Japanese phenomenon. This is because although there are anime cultures in other countries, there is no country more vibrant than Japan.

anime song is an accessory

But I would like to point out that anime songs are not the main thing. The anime itself is the leading role, and the anime song is only a complement. This can be said to be the fate of the entire video work. In movies and dramas, the actors and images themselves are the main characters, and the music is just an accessory. Of course, the same can be said for games. Too much music often kills the image itself. Therefore, even if the theme song is often flashy, the music in the play is often sober.


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