Acoustic guitar: Features, price, and history of Taylor Guitars


Taylor Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer based in El Cajon, California. Despite its relatively short history, Taylor is now known as one of the three biggest guitar brands alongside Martin and Gibson. It is very popular because it is a guitar made from a musician’s point of view, such as a design with excellent playability and a sound output close to the raw sound. In January 2014, we received the Corporate Excellence Award from the US State Department.


This instrument was created in America. Top brands sometimes pick up electric and acoustic guitars and are available for purchase. There is a lot of information available, and you can rest assured that you can buy reliable products at the store.

About the price

Prices range from around 50,000 yen to around 1 million yen. They are highly rated all over the country and many new models are coming out. Different sounds are produced depending on the style, such as powerful strokes and sustain. The volume, tone, and response are good, so you can easily buy it. Of course, the prices are well-balanced in terms of nuts, shapes, mahogany, saddles, and other specifications. Prices range from second-hand to high-end ones, and they are attractive and recommended.

Development company

Taylor Guitars


Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor founded Taylor Guitars in 1974 with Cart Listag. In January 1999 he started making guitars with a patented bolt-on neck called the NT Neck. Bob Taylor continued to improve the guitar design and production line. He continued to develop high quality and practical lineups one after another.


Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Cart Listag. 1994 Announced “GA”, the first original design. “NT neck joint” has been adopted for all models since 2001. In 2003, we developed the “Expression System” and it became popular as a model that can produce unds that do not spoil the atmosphere of “live sound”. In 2006, “GS” was announced. In 2014, developed “Expression System 2” centered on David Hosler. In 2016, the Academy series was sold as an entry model. In 2018, V-Class bracing model is on sale.

Features of Taylor Guitars

The guitar is set up to have a low string height, reducing stress on the performance. The neck of the guitar has a detachable design that fixes the body and neck with three bolts, unlike the set neck that glues the neck and body like a general acoustic guitar. A wooden spacer called a shim is sandwiched between the body and the neck. The paint on the guitar is a technique that cures the paint immediately with ultraviolet rays. Taylor’s patented “NY Neck” is a bolt-on joint. It is fixed with two screws from the inside of the body. Jigs and ingenuity that can be manufactured so that errors do not occur at manufacturers that are said to have little “individual difference” have been made into manuals.

Taylor Guitars model

Baby Taylor Series

The “Baby” series is a 3/4 size dreadnought with a body width of 12 1/2 “and a string length of 22 3/4”.

GS-Mini Series

The body width is 14 3/8 ″ and the string length is 23 1/2 ″.

Grand Theater Guitars

An all-single-plate body that is a miniaturized version of the grand orchestra, it is a high-end compact guitar with a sound that is comparable to full scale.

Academy Series

This model is suitable for entry class.

American Dream Series

This model uses the newly developed V-Class bracing.


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