Pianica: About the characteristics, price, and history of the keyboard harmonica Yamaha musical instruments


Pianica is a keyboard instrument born in Japan. Pianica, which is also used as an educational instrument in elementary and junior high schools, is very famous and is famous as a familiar instrument. Pianica is one of the keyboard harmonica and is sold by YAMAHA and Tokai Gakki Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Japan. In Japan, it is a musical instrument that everyone from children to adults knows and is very familiar with. Because it is a small instrument, it is very easy to carry and is known as an easy-to-use instrument.


This instrument was born in Japan. The main body is like a piano, and you use it to play by typing the keys. The model has a sound similar to a harmonica, and there is a lot of information on it in the list of videos on Youtube etc., so it is attractive. Of course, it is also possible to increase the volume using a microphone etc. The design is similar to a simple piano, making it easy to practice.

About the price

The price ranges from a few thousand yen to several tens of thousands of yen. Prices vary depending on the case, material, manufacturing, etc. When starting out, many people buy it as an educational instrument. Recently, artists are often playing it at events and it has become a hot topic, making it easier for first-timers to get interested. You can actually play a well-balanced melody.

History of pianica

Pianica is a very young musical instrument. In 1961, Tokai Gakki Seisakusho created a keyboard harmonica. This was called pianica and was sold. This instrument has been sold under the YAMAHA brand since 1967 and is a very popular instrument. Pianica is also known as an educational instrument. For YAMAHA school models, the P-32D was released in the fall of 1984, and the P-32E / EP was released in October 2014. In Japan, it is an instrument used in music education in primary education (kindergarten / elementary school) and is used to cultivate the basics of music. As a teaching material instrument, it can be said to be a very famous instrument among Japanese people because it is an instrument that has been used in music classes for many years.

Features of pianica

Pianica blows through the mouthpiece, presses the keyboard, and shakes the metal reed to make a sound. A free reed instrument that combines the characteristics of a keyboard instrument and a wind instrument. It is also used in school education because it is very light in weight and easy for children to carry around. By pressing the keyboard, the valve opens, the breath that has accumulated in the air chamber flows out, and the lead in the back vibrates and makes a sound. Many Japanese people remember pianica as the name of an instrument, but pianica is not the name of an instrument, but actually the name of a Yamaha product. Pianica is a companion to keyboard instruments. Pianica has been sold under the YAMAHA brand since 1967, but many people make a mistake. Also, the name of the keyboard harmonica differs depending on the manufacturer. YAMAHA is called Pianica, SUZUKI is called Melodica, HOHNER is called Melodica, and Zenon is called Pianie.

Types of pianica




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