[Childcare and education] How to identify musical talent Characteristics of talented people


As a parent, there are so many families that let their children play music as part of their education. Some families have pianos, violins, guitars, and even vocals. Depending on the person, progress may be fast or slow, so many people seem to judge whether they are talented or not based on that, but in reality, the essence is different.

How to recognize talent

A child who loves music, takes a lot of time to practice, and practices on his/her own every day is said to be talented. However, children who reluctantly take lessons under orders from their parents have no talent. What I want to say here is that it is useless to do anything to a child who is not motivated. “I used to play the piano when I was a child, but I hated it,” “I used to play the piano, but now I can’t play it at all,” and “I don’t like music, but I graduated from a music college.” but this is exactly the case for lack of talent. It’s not an ability.

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talent = continuation

Talent means continuity. If you don’t like practice, and you’re forced to do so by your parents, you’re just wasting your time. Because they stop practicing when they are no longer commanded. Talent only applies to those who can continue. Just as athletes practice every day and people who are good at studying study every day, the same applies to music. Only a person who can practice for 10, 20 years can become a talented person.

looking back on childcare

Parents who force their children to play music need to think twice. It means that you need to reconsider what you are forcing yourself to do. Ultimately, talented people start practicing on their own without any instruction. In other words, only those who have a will can acquire talent. People who force their children to practice better change their behavior before thinking about their children.

age is irrelevant

By the way, there are so many people in their 20s who have actually become musicians. However, there are many exceptions. There are examples such as British Susan Boyle who became a singer in her middle age, and it is difficult to become a film composer in her teens, so there are many veterans after middle age. If you start music at an early age, there is a part that cannot be said to acquire talent. American singer Katy Perry started playing music at the age of 15.

college of music

Some families force their children to choose a career path and send them to a music college. But this has the opposite effect. Forcing someone who doesn’t like music to go to university will only make the child unhappy. Children should be allowed to do what they want to do, and too much interference will only make the child’s life worse. Furthermore, university costs money. This results in unnecessary costs. When it’s your first time, everyone generally considers college, but right now there’s no guarantee that it’ll be a good fit or be successful.

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genetics are irrelevant

A common example is that some families want their children to be musicians because their parents are musicians. At first glance, it seems to be suitable for music, but there is no connection at all. This is proven by artists who have actually become professionals. There are many cases of children becoming singers even if their parents are from completely unrelated fields. Musical talent is not something that can be acquired through genetics, but is determined by the individual’s will. 90% of people decide that they are suitable for singing or piano before taking lessons, and many decide that they are not suitable for it before they put in the effort.

training in music class

The only way to develop your musical talent is to go to school and train. I’ve heard that a classroom is definitely the best way to improve your skills over other methods such as self-study. Self-study doesn’t improve as much as I thought. There is a difference in the classroom and the instructor guides you. You can easily take singing lessons by watching the teacher’s instructions and videos. You will be able to express yourself in an environment that allows you to make great efforts. Let’s all learn some important skills at school. You can really have fun learning things like pitch, so you can learn important things like perfect musical pitch and the important sense of rhythm.


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