[Music and Sleep] Music to listen to when you can’t sleep – BGM from YouTube for relaxing and soothing sleep


Relax with BGM and recover from fatigue with sleep? Can you sleep? Have you ever had a time in your life when you could not sleep even at night? There are many people who are so excited that they can’t sleep because they have a game or a concert the next day. Not only that, but there are times when something bad happened today and I couldn’t sleep at all, or conversely, there are times when I can’t sleep because something makes me happy. In such cases, I recommend listening to music while going to sleep. Of course, not everything is fine. It becomes easier to sleep if certain conditions are met.

Human brain

First of all, it is impossible for a person to be excited or angry to sleep. First of all, you need to create a relaxed state. There is “brain wave” as an index when a person is in a relaxed state, and the brain wave can be roughly divided into the following five types.

  • Gamma waves-Brain waves that occur when you are frustrated
  • Beta Waves-Brain waves emitted during normal awakening
  • Alpha wave-Brain wave generated when relaxed
  • Theta waves-Brain waves that occur during light sleep and doze
  • Delta wave-Brain wave emitted during deep sleep

It is said that music that emits alpha waves is easier to sleep in order to create a relaxed state before sleep. In other words, you need to listen to relaxing music. If you make a mistake in selecting or listening to a song, you may not be able to fall asleep and it may have the opposite effect. I can’t sleep when I listen to intense or exciting songs.

Easy to sleep music

What kind of music is alpha wave? At least it’s clear that it’s not as intense music as rock or EDM. Specifically, it is said that humans will be able to relax if the following conditions are met.

Natural sounds

The sounds of nature, such as the babbling of rivers, the sound of waves, and the chirping of birds, are said to be able to relax humans. It makes you feel relaxed and relaxed.


Music that emits alpha waves is music that does not contain a human voice. Music with lyrics is counterproductive before sleep. When you hear the lyrics, you start thinking of them as a meaningful language, so there is a risk that your brain will be activated.

High frequency sound

High frequency sounds of 3500-4500 hertz are said to have the effect of relaxing humans. Mozart’s music is a typical example. It relaxes the brain and heals the mind and body, leading to falling asleep.


Music that moves the scale violently has a risk of activating the brain. The chord progression is also monotonous, and the simple composition of the music relaxes the brain. A loose melody that does not disturb the tempo is highly recommended.


The tempo of the music must be relaxed. Music that is too fast in tempo can rejuvenate your brain.

Music to listen to when you can’t sleep

Considering the above conditions, ambient, healing, and classical music are highly recommended sleep music. Music with slow piano melodies or natural sounds can calm your brain. This kind of music will make you feel like you’re relaxing at a resort spa when you close your eyes. As a general rule, when using YouTube, be careful of the copyrights of creators and developers and Google LLC’s terms of service. We recommend using it considering security, structure, and functionality.

Also, music is not the only thing that makes you feel relaxed. Listening only to natural sounds is also an element that makes it easy to sleep. Natural sounds, such as the chirping of birds and the sound of ocean waves, have been found to have a calming effect on humans. Besides this, the sound of flowing river water and the barking of insects are also very effective for sleep.

Listening while sleeping is NG

Music has a relaxing effect, but if you keep playing the music all the time, it will interfere with your sleep. Listening to music while sleeping, let alone listening to music while sleeping, is not good for sleep. If you feel sleepy, stop BGM. Therefore, the ideal is to turn off the music and go to bed when you feel calm.


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