Hecklephone: Features, price, and history of folk and orchestral instruments


Heckelphone is a baritone double reed instrument devised by German musical instrument maker Wilhelm Heckel at the suggestion of composer Wagner. It is known as an instrument that is quite close to the bass oboe. The Heckelphone is an oboe instrument, played by an oboe player. In 1904, ten years after Wagner’s death, Heckelfon was completed and announced by Wilhelm Heckel.


Heckelphone was born in Europe. There are different wind instruments such as the English horn, trumpet, clarinet, and flute that play the same part. Players can blow to produce high tones. He also plays with the viola and other instruments. This is a musical instrument that even beginners can use.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen.

History of Heckelfon

Heckelfon presented the idea of an instrument to Wilhelm Heckel of Heckel in 1876 by R. Wagner. “A double-reed instrument, with a soft tone one octave below the oboe, yet as powerful as an alphorn.” But Wagner sees the instrument he created during his lifetime. It never happened. In 1904, after Wagner’s death, Heckelfon was completed and announced by Wilhelm Heckel. Heckelphone was invented and produced, and R. Strauss used it in his own orchestral songs, which attracted public attention. This instrument is also used as a substitute for bass oboe.

Features of Heckelfon

The heckelphone is a rare instrument that is in charge of the range one octave lower than the oboe. Unlike the bassoon as an instrument that produces a low double reed sound, it has a strong core. Sometimes used as an orchestra instrument, but very rare. The Heckelphone is about 1.3m long and is commonly used as the base for oboe and oboe sections that incorporate oboe. It has a tone that is very close to that of a bass oboe, and is often used as an alternative instrument to an oboe. It’s an instrument that you rarely see.

Heckelfon song

Heckelphone appears in the orchestra. However, it is sometimes used as a traditional German music.


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