Guzheng: characteristics, price, and history of the ethnic musical instrument


Guzheng is an instrument very similar to Japanese kin, but the tone is different. This instrument originated in China. The number of strings varies from region to region, and 21 strings are used today. The tone is pure and bright, supple and beautiful, and has intonation. It is also called an oriental piano because its tone sounds like a harp. The greatest attraction of Guzheng is the variety of expressions, which depends on the ability of the player. Therefore, it is also an instrument that requires technical skills.


This instrument was born in China. The guqin is a very famous musical instrument with many famous songs on sale. Many used items are also sold. It is read as Goujon.

About the price

I just looked at the information on each, and the price ranges from around 50,000 yen to around 1 million yen. It is sometimes called a folk instrument, so it has some quirks, but with practice you will be able to do a variety of things with it. Old cultures can be recreated through music.

History of Guzheng

Guzheng is a traditional Chinese folk instrument and is a plucked string instrument that belongs to the stringed instrument. It is an instrument that is said to be the origin of Japanese kin. Boasting a history of more than 2500 years, it has been playing from 770 BC to 403 BC to the present. The koto has its origins in the Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, so it is also called the “Koto”. By the Tang dynasty, Guzheng was the most commonly played instrument in China. Guzheng is performed throughout China using various techniques depending on the region and time of China. It has a beautiful tone, a wide range of tones, rich playing ability, and strong expressiveness, and has been loved by many Chinese throughout history. The strings were once made of silk. During the Qing dynasty, the strings moved to bare wires such as brass. Most modern strings are steel coated with nylon. First introduced in the 1970s, these multi-material strings increased the volume of the instrument while maintaining an acceptable timbre.

Features of Guzheng

Play with a prosthetic nail made of tortoiseshell or buffalo horn attached to the ventral side of the finger with medical tape. The strings are tuned to the pentatonic scale like Japanese swords, and the intervals between the strings are narrow and the materials of the strings are different, so the playing style and playing feel are quite different. Compared to other similar instruments, the tension of the strings is extremely high, and it is an instrument that requires strength and skill to play at the cost of rich sustain and tone. As a playing method, techniques related to glissando and tremolo that utilize the material of the strings and strong tension have been developed. Also, like Chinese musical instruments, portamento playing method by changing the tension of the strings is often used. These playing styles often give a more decorative and gorgeous image than other similar instruments.

Guzheng song

Guzheng is known to be very often used in traditional Chinese music. An instrument that goes well with healing and ambient.


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