Glockenspiel: Characteristics, price, and history of orchestral instruments


Glockenspiel refers to the metallophone. It is a percussion instrument that is tuned with a musical instrument in which metal sound plates are arranged in the shape of a piano keyboard. A percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned keys arranged like a piano keyboard. It is an instrument often used in orchestras. Glockenspiel is very popular and appears in almost every genre of music.


This keyboard instrument originated in Europe. It is called a glockenspiel, and its tone is similar to marimba and is used in concerts. The player uses a mallet to play using the same logic as the vibraphone. In terms of types, they are played using hands, such as xylophones and xylophones. Plays with piccolo, flute, clarinet, etc. Berlila is considered part of Glockensis.

About the price

Prices range from a few thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen.

History of Glockenspiel

Glockenspiel means “play the bell”. In the past, Glockenspiel used to ring bells installed in churches and make sounds. Around the 16th century, wire-connected keys will be attached so that each bell can be played at hand. In the 18th century, instead of big bells, musical instruments that hit metal rods were made. In the 19th century, the keyboard disappeared and it was replaced by an instrument that directly hits metal with a drumstick. This is the beginning of what we now call Glockenspiel. The name Glockenspiel is the German name for the metallophone in Germany.


Features of Glockenspiel

The soundboard is either housed in a box that doubles as a resonance box, or is placed on a resonance tube without a box and usually set on a stand, and is usually performed in a standing style. It is in charge of the highest range of the metallophone, and produces a bright, high, clear sound that passes well. In a song, it can be used as a solo instrument, superposed with other high-pitched instruments such as recorders, or played an arpeggio. The range is basically two and a half octaves, and each manufacturer sells products with an expanded range. Some large instruments have a range of three and a half octaves. It is usually classified as a high-pitched instrument because it is written two octaves lower in the score.

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Glockenspiel song

It is an instrument that often appears in orchestras.


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