[Music Genres] New Genre in France: Afro-Trap


France is the fifth largest country in the world music market. With a large market and a large number of African immigrants, African culture has also permeated the country. In France, hip-hop and rap are gaining popularity around the world, and in recent years they have been strongly influenced by them. The genre that was born in such a situation was Afro-Trap. It’s a new genre born out of fusion with African music, and it’s becoming very popular.

French historical background

In modern times, France invaded and established colonies in African countries. French West Africa was established in the 1800s, and has a history of occupying present-day Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Niger. Algeria and Tunisia in North Africa also have deep ties with France. French is also used in these countries, and nowadays there are many cases where people from these countries immigrate to France. Because of this historical background, Africa and France have very deep ties. The number of French citizens born in Africa or of African ancestry is growing rapidly. The football players are very prominent: Zinudine Zidane is of Algerian descent, Patrick Vieira is of Senegalese descent and Samir Nasri is of Algerian descent.

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afro trap

Afro-Trap is a new genre born in France. This is a genre that adds a taste of African music to the rap and hip-hop that are currently popular in France. The number of views on YouTube has increased explosively, and it has become a popular genre. Afro-trap, with African beats and actual rap, is trending in France. The genre has been in the spotlight since the late 2010s.

Afro-trap, proposed by French rap artist MHD, is a rap song that fuses Senegalese music, and it is very popular as a new French rap. Originally in France, hip-hop from America and other countries was very popular due to the spread of streaming services. In other words, hip-hop was already established as a trendy genre in France before this artist appeared. With the appearance of this artist, it became recognized as a new genre and became a popular genre.

Differentiation from America

Of course, there is no doubt that American hip-hop ignited the popularity of French hip-hop. However, as I pointed out earlier, France has a background in which African culture is pervasive, and it is expected that hip-hop will become differentiated from American hip-hop. In France, more and more African immigrants are starting to make hip-hop music, and it seems likely that more groups like MHD will emerge in the future. Afro trap gained popularity in the 2010s, and it will be interesting to see whether it will accelerate further in the 2020s or whether it will decline. Afro Trap is registered and released on Apple etc., and the songs can be purchased. Please pay attention to the terms of use when handling information and songs.


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