Frame drum: characteristics, price, and history of ethnic musical instruments


The frame drum is a percussion instrument that is said to have originated in ancient Greece. It is said that the frame drum spread to the Roman Empire, and then the tambourine was born. It is said to be the oldest single-sided drum in the world, and it has spread all over the world, mainly in Asia and Europe, and has evolved in each region, and there are various types of drums. There are various animal-based products such as cowhide, goat skin, and fish skin, as well as plastic heads.


This instrument was born in Greece.

About the price

The price ranges from a few thousand yen to several tens of thousands of yen.

History of frame drums

The frame drum is the oldest drum in the world. Its history goes back to the Mesopotamian civilization. It has a simple structure with a 10-inch to 22-inch circular frame covered on only one side, and tambourine is one of them. A drum used by priests during ceremonies, there was a frame drum called Tympanum in ancient Greece. This tympanum evolved into a tambourine in Rome in the 3rd century. After that, the frame drum spread all over the world. In the United States, frame drums are commonly found in Native American customs and celebrations. In South Asia and the Middle East, it is a circular frame drum, and there is also an octagonal frame drum. Some European frame drums are played by hitting the head with a hand or mallet. As you can see, this drum is now used for different purposes in each region.

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Features of the frame drum

Frame drums come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have evolved differently depending on the culture. A frame drum is a drum that is covered with a thin circular wooden frame and has a head on one side. Some are small enough to hold in your hand and have small cymbals or metal rings. In addition to cows and goats, various materials such as lizards and snakes are used for the skin, and nowadays, like other drums, they are also made of plastic. The structure is simple and there are various playing methods and techniques, and there are considerable differences depending on the region and culture, such as the position to hit, the fingering, the strength and mute to press the head, and the timing.


Frame drum song

Frame drums are often used mainly in traditional music in the area. It is also often used in music such as games, television and movies. It doesn’t appear much in popular songs.


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