Electric guitar: EVH guitar instrument features, price, and history


EVH’s electric guitar sound model is a brand named after Dutch-American Edward Van Halen. This brand has attracted a lot of attention because it was created through a collaboration between professional musicians and manufacturers. Edward Van Halen passed away from cancer in 2020. Edward Van Halen is a famous guitar player who was ranked as one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.


This instrument was created in America. The Eddie series is very famous, and product information can be found in stores and online. It has a unique tone, and many people play it in conjunction with effectors and amplifiers. It attracts a lot of attention when it goes on sale, as it has been picked up and appeared in magazines. The specifications are reinforced with high-quality materials such as the fingerboard, head, bridge, and neck. Control and tuning such as tremolo are also solid.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. The company is also famous, but the outline is very powerful, and it is powerful even when played along with the chorus.

Development company


EVH Product List


Edward Van Halen 1955 – 2020

Edward Van Halen was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Van Halen has been playing the piano and violin instruments since he was a child, partly because his father was a clarinet player. He started playing the guitar after moving to the United States and was a huge success. In the 2000s, Edward Van Halen launched the EVH brand with Fender. He has been suffering from cancer in recent years and died of laryngeal cancer on October 6, 2020 after a fight against illness.

EVH history

EVH is a brand by professional musicians Edward Van Halen and Fender. The EVH brand is one of Fender’s specialty brands, founded in 2007. EVH is driving the evolution of high-performance guitars with numerous products. Currently, I am working not only on guitars, but also on accessories such as amplifiers, picks, strings, and straps. It is a brand known to many guitar players because it involves professional musicians.

EVH Features

EVH necks are generally fender scale with 22 frets. EVH’s body material is basswood and maple top material may be attached. By using basswood, there is no habit in the sound, and it tends to produce a light sound. It is possible to produce a tone that is not hot even with a roaring sound. Common to all models, the treble bleed circuit is adopted for the volume pot. Even when the volume is turned down, the goodness of the omission is maintained. Since it is a product that involves a genuine professional player, it is only a product developed from the player’s perspective.

EVH model


A model with little decoration.


The body is much slimmer than the standard Strat.


It is a series that reproduces the main guitars of Eddie Van Halen’s history.


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