[Electric Bass] When is the life span: Stringed instrument


Electric bass has become a popular musical instrument all over the world. There are many professional electric bass players in the world of commercial music, and they are active all over the world. The electric bass is a modern instrument, but it is a very major instrument that even people who do not know music know. It’s such an electric bass, but does the instrument itself have a limited lifespan? If it can be used, I want to use it forever. But is that really possible?

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When using an electric bass, you will likely have questions, problems, and consultations. Please refer to the product list information below. Purchasing on Amazon is easy and recommended for beginners. You can buy cheap ones. Please practice and try it. If you gain experience by using it, you will be able to aim for performances such as live performances.

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What is an electric bass?

The electric bass is one of the electric musical instruments, and the electric guitar is in charge of the high-pitched sound, while the electric bass is the musical instrument in charge of the low-pitched sound. An instrument that first appeared in the 1940s and was initially known as a very expensive instrument. However, mass production is now possible, and cheaper ones can be bought. The bass strings are slightly higher than the guitar strings. The electric bass consists of four strings. In jazz etc., 5-string bass etc. have appeared. Only the range is different from the electric guitar, and the structure of the electric guitar and the electric bass is not so different.


It is essential that the electric bass does not neglect regular maintenance, but it is said that it can be used for 50 to 100 years if that condition is met. If the neck is broken, the body is damaged, or the wood is rotten, it will be useless and severe. However, in other cases, it will not break so easily if it is well managed. Of course, the length of life is an absolute requirement that the electric bass itself is well made. If it is defective in the first stage, it is unlikely to last long.


Bass guitar strings are completely consumables. Generally, it is recommended to replace it once a month. For some people, they only exchange it once every six months. In addition, some people change strings before the concert. If the strings are rusted or broken, they must be replaced. Bass strings are said to be more expensive than guitar strings. In any case, care is essential, so don’t forget it.


Electric bass can be short-lived depending on the storage conditions. Keep in mind that heavy objects on the base, or placed in extremely low humidity or hot places, can affect the crisis.


Maintenance is essential to make the electric bass last longer. As soon as you finish playing the electric bass, wipe it with a cloth for musical instruments. The oil and sweat on your hands on the electric bass can cause cracks if it gets into your body or fingerboard through small scratches.


The fingerboard is usually under the strings, so it’s not very noticeable, but when you remove the strings, it’s unexpectedly dirty with finger oil, dust on both sides of the frets, and fine rust. .. Wipe the fingerboard with a soft cloth using a special oil such as lemon oil.


The frets are an important part of determining the pitch of an electric bass, but the strings are always pressed hard and rubbed by choking, which can hurt them. You can restore the smoothness by polishing the fret head with an abrasive.


The sound of the electric bass changes greatly depending on the material of the parts that the strings are touching, so just changing the material of the nut will improve the sound.


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