[How to improve your drumming] Basic tips, methods, practice time and learning period for beginners Difficulty level explanation


The drum instrument is difficult to learn basic practice methods for, and it can be said to be a special instrument compared to the piano and guitar. It can be a very confusing instrument for beginners because both hands and feet move differently. However, there are now many videos on how to learn drums on YouTube and other sites, so there is a good chance that you can improve by studying on your own compared to the past. Just checking out how good people play the drums is an effective way to improve your technique.

Drums are one of the most difficult instruments

The basic method is to practice by hitting phrases. The basics are that the drummer needs to hit firmly with his hands and be able to grasp the important and difficult tempos with his eyes and ears. If you can’t hit the notes all at once, you’ll have a hard time, so the point is that you need some tricks. You can learn it for free at schools, etc., but you need to learn the basics, look at the instruction book, etc., and use the hi-hat, stick, bass drum, pedal, etc. skillfully. Even in a band, when you first start out, you have to keep stepping fast on an 8-beat beat, which is physically demanding. Of course, you also need to have technique. It is recommended that you get used to the beat using a metronome.

Difficult to practice at home

The biggest problem with drumming is that it’s difficult to practice at home. The sound is noisy, so I need to learn how to use toms, kicks, fill-ins, snares, pads, etc. in the studio. You need to create the correct accent for double and single content. If there is no place where you can do it completely, many people will learn how to do it from an instructor in a classroom until they become proficient. It’s an instrument that requires some skill. Not only how to use and set up, but also motivation, sense, and knowledge are important, and the environment in which you can continue using it every time is also important.

practice time

How much practice should a beginner start playing drums? It’s just a guideline, but please try to practice for 30 minutes per day. This is because when human concentration is over 30 minutes, it tends to be interrupted. Also, if you are a beginner, it is important to get used to it rather than practicing for a long time. If you suddenly practice for a long time, many people will gradually stop practicing the drums because it becomes painful. Therefore, try to incorporate it into your daily habits instead of suddenly doing it for a long time. If you make practice a habit, you won’t be bothered to practice. The best way is to improve little by little.

learning period

It is said that it takes two to three months for a beginner to be able to play simple songs. It is also a song with a lot of repetition and a simple structure. If you want to perform live in front of people, you have to go far beyond that level. Even if you go to an indie live, it will take at least half a year. In addition to that, the difficulty of the song is also relevant. Especially when it comes to songs with a fast tempo, many people get frustrated because they can’t keep up with the tempo. So, instead of jumping right in with an intense song, let’s take it one step at a time. It takes years to reach the professional level. Of course, you have to practice every day.

First, if you’re just starting out with the drums, make sure you’re hitting slower songs accurately. If I suddenly start playing a song with a fast tempo, I’m 100% sure to give up and give up. Master easy and simple rhythm patterns.

Once you get used to it, try practicing by imitating popular popular songs. If you don’t know the rhythm very well, you can go to a music store or online shop and play while looking at the sheet music. It is also important to know what kind of rhythm you are carving with your ears.


Unlike the piano or guitar, the drums use both hands and both legs to beat the rhythm. For this reason, many beginners think that there is no way they can do it. The biggest challenge is getting used to it because it is an instrument that moves the limbs separately. However, once you get over it, the pain disappears and it becomes fun, so it is important whether you can get used to it. Also, the faster the tempo of the drums, the more physical strength is used and the higher the difficulty. This is because there are a lot of small movements. But the drums are the lifeblood of the rhythm of the song. If you make even the slightest mistake, the entire rhythm of the song will be broken. Accurate rhythm is more important than how cool you hit the drums. Depending on the drums, the song can be destroyed, or it can be enhanced.


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