[Cat and Violin] Do cats like the sound of the violin? cat favorite music


Cats often come to me when I play the violin. Cats, like humans, have five senses, but hearing is especially good. The reason cats have such excellent hearing is that they need to be able to hear even the smallest sounds in order to catch their prey. Even the slightest sound must not be overlooked in order to capture animals such as rats, which are small and move quickly. Why do cats like the sound of violins?

cat and violin

Have you ever had a cat approach you while you play the violin? The violin has all the elements that cats love. From a cat’s point of view, the shape of a violin and the tone it plays are attractive, like a toy. So what kind of charm does it actually have? Introducing information. If you come to practice your violin, please refer to the list below. I’m looking forward to discovering many new things by living with a cute cat at home.

bow shape

The bow of a violin is very long and thin. It could be a viola, a cello, or a double bass, but these bows look a lot like something else. It’s a cat teaser. The cat responds to anything that moves, so when the player moves the bow, the cat’s hand reaches out. The cat can’t help but want to touch the moving bow. As he moves the bow, you can see his eyes following the movement.


The violin can produce the highest tone of any stringed instrument. In fact, cats like female voices more than male voices. Women’s voices tend to be more responsive because they have higher tones. People with low and loud voices are often not liked very much. Therefore, the violin’s timbre is very similar to the voice of a woman, so it is easy to attract cats.

classical music

The main genre in which the violin plays an active role is classical music. Classical music is said to be a genre that has a healing effect on animals. Therefore, violins that are compatible with classical music are highly favored by cats. The same could be said for other wind and brass instruments. However, if the sound is too loud, it will frighten the cat.


What’s your cat’s favorite sound?

Then there is the question of what kind of tones cats like in the first place. In modern times, we already know what sounds cats like. That’s why some people are composing music specifically for cats.

throaty sound

Cats often purr when they are in a good mood. It is said that the sound of purring at that time has the effect of increasing the favorability not only of the cat itself, but also of the cats around it. Cats should purr a lot when they are in a good mood. This indicates that the cat is in a very good mood.

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high tone

As pointed out above, cats love high tones. A cat’s meow is a high-pitched tone. I think that kittens often react sensitively to high tones. Kittens will be very calm when they hear their mother’s high-pitched meow. Similarly, high tones like the violin are said to have a calming effect.

healing music

Cats are said to be compatible with healing music, ambient, and classical music. It is said that this music has a slow tone and high tone that cats love. It is said to have a healing effect on cats. In modern times, there are many musicians who compose music exclusively for cats.


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