[Cat and Piano] Why do cats get in the way of playing the piano?


When humans start playing the piano, cats often interfere with the performance or take a nap on the piano. Basically, cats are said to be creatures who like the piano. The reason is the temperature and feel of the piano, the timbre of the piano, and even whimsy. When you play the piano, the hammers that strike the keyboard of the piano give your cat a massage. For the owner, having a cat may be a certain risk.

Why do cats disturb the piano?

Why do cats disturb the piano? We will introduce the information in a list. The reasons why cute pet cats interfere with children’s and adults’ piano playing at home are as follows. Even if the reason for playing the piano is work-related, the cat keeps an eye on everyone and gets in the way. Videos and images are also frequently circulating on SNS (Twitter, etc.), and it is clear that cats love the piano.

piano tone

In one experiment, it is said that cats get excited when they hear the 4th octave “mi”. Since the piano can produce a similar sound, the cat seems to be very happy. It is said that the sound that a piano makes is very similar to the sound that a kitten makes when calling for help. Cats like high frequencies, so they are very compatible with the piano. The cat liked the tone of the piano played by the owner, and it may have sounded like a lullaby.

cat playing piano

Cats are animals that respond to very high sounds, so many cats play with the keyboard themselves. I fiddle with the keyboard because I want to hear my favorite tone. Of course, the owner cannot play at all during that time. Cats will continue to fiddle with the keyboard until they get bored. You will have to wait until the cat gets bored with the piano. Cats are obsessive, but they also get bored easily, so they don’t play all the time.

sleep on the piano

There are so many cats that start taking a nap on the piano. There are so many cats that lie down and sleep at the most disturbing point. As explained above, cats are animals that like high-pitched tones, and there is also a theory that they feel comfortable and fall asleep. If you are using an electronic piano and play it to some extent, it will become warm and warm, creating a comfortable environment for your cat to sleep. This trend is especially noticeable in cold weather.

finger movement

When the owner is moving the finger, the cat often reacts and puts out the hand. There are times when the cat interferes while the owner is playing and does not let you practice. At that time, it is also proof that he is free, so it is important to play with him moderately. If a cat invites you to play, it’s a good idea to be moderate. It would be better to think of this example as similar to the cat that paws at the person typing on the keyboard in front of the computer.


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